Comment on WordPress Theme SEO by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Advanced Options There’s multiple Stallion featured thumbnail image options depending on which images you want Stallion to use.

They are under “Stallion Theme” >> “Colour Options” : Auto and Featured Thumbnails

For performance SEO reasons I use these settings.

Featured Thumbnails Only ON

This means the feature will only use the Stallion Featured Image (so automated part is turned off), so every post would need a Stallion featured image set.

For less effort, but not as performance SEO friendly use the other options. They aren’t as performance SEO friendly because the final automated check has to loop through a posts attached images which requires database queries. If looking for the fastest site possible don’t use automated, always set a Stallion featured image.

Though the automated thumbnail feature looks for the last image added to a post it first looks for a Stallion featured image, WordPress features image before finding any image as a last resort. If you set a Stallion or WordPress featured image on all posts it will never get to using any image.

On this website 99% of posts have a Stallion Featured image set, so no reason to have the automated part of the feature turned on. Consider the automated part as a lazy way to add image to a site, if it’s an important site don’t use automated.

If you find your images aren’t showing correctly (sounds like they aren’t: go to any of my categories, doe it look like that?) could be the cache folder has the wrong permissions set. Got multiple comments about setting the permissions of the cache folder, you can use the “Search Comments” form on the left sidebar, example :

The search comments feature is a work in progress, it’s very basic, try to stick to simple searches. If you searched for “FTP 777 Permissions” with the speech marks it will only find this comment. Same search without speech marks will again only find this comment even though there are other comments using those 3 terms. It literally looks for the entire phrase.

Stallion keyword phrase:

Every WordPress post should have their own unique keyword phrases. Every post should be optimized for a unique set of SERPs.

SEO Post Widget:

There’s a lot of information on the site about the SEO Posts Widget, start at SEO Posts Widget.

A good way to find relevant comments etc… on the site is via where near the top is a “Google Custom Search Box”, you can search for stuff like SEO Posts Widget and Google will show the most relevant indexed pages.

In the Stallion 8.2 update (working on it) I’ve added the custom search for to the main Stallion Theme options page as well, so Stallion users will be able to search the site from their Dashboards.