Comment on WordPress Theme SEO by SEO Dave.

Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Advanced Options I find WordPress thumbnails a useful feature for a site as well, if only I added more images to my sites I’d benefit more, my wife is happy with it, her sites are filled with images and YouTube videos :-))

When I tested the auto thumbnail feature I would always add the featured thumbnail last and it would always work as I expected.

The order is

Last image added (date wise) to a post via WordPress, if it’s the featured image you added last to the post it’s used, if after adding a featured post you insert an image into the post that’s used.

Ideally it would always use the featured image first, so will see if I can get that working in a future Stallion release.

If using the featured image is essential for a particular post a work around is remove the featured image and add it back as the featured image so it’s the last image added.

Thanks for the feedback.