Comment on WordPress Theme SEO by Mark.

Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Advanced Options One of the most useful features on Stallion (I think) is this related keyword phases. I only use this on a few posts, as I think I have a few thousand posts over a number of websites and too lazy to revise everything.

However, I am testing this now on key posts. I am big on Latent Semantic Indexing : LSI and synonyms.

By adding related keyword phrases with synonyms this helps with SEO because you can vary your keywords so it does not seem to spammy.

I will also play with excerpts meta descriptions etc, but I think related keywords is written write could be the most important signal for relevancy if your post is written naturally.

All these extra SEO feature that are below the post area once you finish writing are welcome, even though they are extra work. My SEO strategy is to work these in an important posts.

One funny result I notice that may or may not be related to: The All in One feature – I will let you know if I can not fix it.

Sorry for all the comments, this last week I was in Disney (again) and riding a 15 foot artificial wave, I gashed my head and have 10 stitches after colliding with someone. Hence I am taking it easy, laying in bed with my laptop and playing with the new Stallion theme and discovering a lot of cool features and some old ones I neglected.

Like how could I miss something so basic as the ‘SEO Post widget’ and all the cool options. Especially latest modified. My new mantra is to modify old posts and improve them as it seems Google is rewarding me for doing so, even more than new posts. So that plugin plus the related keyword phases, etc helps be modify old posts and improve them.

If anyone has any other tips or tricks with Stallion, I am all ears. What features you use or find useful? My sites get a reasonable amount of traffic. Maybe in aggregate all my sites are over 20,000 views a day (maybe less than 10k post Panda, need to check and add them all). So I do well, but always looking for the next thing. I can not write content, develop new ideas for websites (for example, I am now trying to see if I can make WP a dating site – have not been successful yet), spend time with my family, and hence I miss major features with Stallion or ideas with WP.