Chitika ads are built into the Stallion Responsive theme and Stallion WordPress SEO theme. To activate the Chitika ads log into your sites WordPress Dashboard and after installing Stallion via the “Appearance” >> “Themes” page on the left menu click:

“Stallion Theme”

This opens the main Stallion Theme options page (labeled “Stallion Theme”). If you’ve not registered Stallion with your unique Stallion ID, please do so now, you can not save any options long term before registering.

Adding Chitika Ads

Chitika AdsWhen the Stallion theme is registered change the Chitika on/off setting to “Chitika ON” (Chitika is OFF by default)

Change the “Chitika Publisher ID” setting to your Chitika Publisher ID.

The Chitika ID listed by default is mine : clickity

Your Chitika ID is the username you use to log into your Chitika account.

Make sure you do not inadvertently copy a space/tab before or after your Chitika ID, it will break your Chitika ads (please check there’s no space/tab, get quite a lot of support requests for this copy/pasting mistake with AdSense).

Chitika WordPress Theme

Click the “Save Settings” button and basic Chitika is setup so you receive the Chitika ad revenue. If you are happy with the default Chitika colours, placements etc… that’s all you have to do, all other Chitika settings are optional.

On the main Stallion options page you can also select which of the two main ad systems (AdSense or Chitika) should be considered the most important (default order is AdSense, Chitika).

These settings are under “Misc Ad Settings”.

Chitika Ad Placement

The “Ad Post Number” sets which archive post that ad type should be shown on for the home page and archive pages (Categories, Tags, Search etc…). The ad network(s) set to “Post 1” will be shown within the first post of an archive page AND in the main content of Posts and Pages (top of the main content).

Chitika AdSense Alternative

By default AdSense is considered most important “Post 1”, if you want Chitika to be considered most important set Chitika to “Post 1” and AdSense to “Post 2+”.

If you make this change the Chitika “Main Content Ad Unit” (set under the Stallion Chitika options page, by default a 336px x 280px Rectangle ad) will be shown in a high click through area of all pages.

If you set more than one ad network to “Post 1” it will look a bit messy, you can have them all as “Post 1”, but best to choose one of the main ad networks as the important one (I always keep it as AdSense as they tend to pay best, but if you are only using Chitika as an AdSense alternative set Chitika to “Post 1”).

Ad networks set to “Post 2” and above will have their “Main Content Ad Unit” only shown on archive pages only.

Optional Chitika Settings

For optional Chitika settings click the “Chitika Ad Options” link on the left menu under the “Stallion Theme” menu. I realise these settings (click the screenshot below for full Chitika options page) may appear a little daunting at first, but they are mostly self explanatory and very easy to use.

WordPress Chitika Theme

As you can see from the large screenshot of the entire Chitika options page, most of the Chitika options include a detailed description, so not going to explain what’s already on the options page again here.

On all Stallion options pages there’s a “Restore Default Settings” button at the bottom, if you make a mess or get lost with the settings, restore them to defaults (I do it all the time :-)).

Chitika Mobile Responsive Ads

Unlike with AdSense Responsive Beta ad units, Chitika Ads are NOT mobile responsive by default, they have an ad unit called Mobile (350px by 50px), BUT all it does is hide when the site isn’t accessed by a mobile device AND the ad isn’t responsive, it remains 350px by 50px no matter what the devices screen size (it’s rubbish)!

For this reason I haven’t included the Chitika mobile type setting (the Mobile type sets the ad unit to the 350px by 50px ad size and hides it unless on a mobile device, all other settings are ignored), instead I’ve used the same sort of code used in an AdSense ad to select it’s width and height based on the screen size (all on the fly). This means every ad unit scales down to fit the screen width, the settings below set the ad sizes for Desktop PCs (800px+ screen widths) and for smaller screens Stallion automatically chooses the best sizes. For example you might set the main content ad unit to 336px by 280px, but for a screen size below 360px it won’t fit, so Stallion shows a 300px by 125px ad for screens between 320px and 360px and for smaller screens shows an even smaller ad unit.

The new Chitika feature of adding a relatively large ad in the bottom right hand corner of a screen didn’t scale down in my tests, on my phone in landscape view the ad filled the screen completely and I couldn’t see the close X to close it. I didn’t find a solution to this issue!

How Many Ad Per Page?

How Many Ad Units should I use?: Stallion allows for 6 individually crafted Chitika ad units plus the two Sidebar Ad Units are multi use (can be added multiple times). It is not advisable to fill your site with ads, if you add all 6 it will be over the top. I tend to use AdSense on all my sites other than ones which doesn’t comply with the AdSense TOS, I add 3 AdSense content ads (two above the fold, one in the footer) and a Google AdSense Search box (and the search form doesn’t make much revenue). For sites running Chitika I tend to add no more than 4 ad units (two above the fold, one in the middle and one in the footer). I don’t have any sites running AdSense and Chitika together.

All Stallion Chitika ads are mobile responsive, as Stallion is mobile optimised for 11 screen widths and each width can have it’s own Chitika settings. The responsive Chitika settings are hard coded in the file /stallion-responsive/mydefaults/responsive_chitika_defaults.php: see the the txt file responsive_chitika_defaults_readme.txt in the same folder for edit instructions.

Testing Chitika Ads

Please note Chitika ads are designed to be shown when a search engine visitor enters your site. This can make it a little difficult to test Chitika ads as they don’t always show up.

If you add


To the end of a URL the page will show ads relevant to the keyword. For example:

Would show ads about chickens

Also be aware when Chitika is first installed it can make other ads (AdSense) break temporarily. Refresh the page a few times (use CTRL F5) after activating or making a Chitika change and the issue is resolved (I think it’s a caching issue, so not a ‘real’ fault).

How to Hide Chitika ads on a Post by Post Basis

In Stallion Responsive (not Stallion WordPress SEO) on the Post and Page edit screens there’s an option to disable ads, this setting is similar to the older option described below (which still works for both themes), but stops the ads loading rather than hiding via CSS: this is better SEO wise because your site won’t have to load the ad code which means your pages will load faster (better for Google SEO which takes pagespeed into account).

Hide Chitika Ads

As of Stallion 6.1 the Chitika ads have a CSS class you can use to hide the ads. The ads are still loaded on the page, but your visitors won’t see them.

For posts and pages you wish to hide Chitika ads on do the following.

Edit the post or page, at the bottom of the edit form (where you add the main content) add one of the following. It’s best to add the code at the very bottom so it’s less likely to be loaded on archive pages, if a page is short of content the code might be used as part of the excerpt.

To hide all Chitika ads add:

<style>.stallionhideads, .stallionhidewads {display:none !important;}</style>

To hide the Chitika ads within the main content only (sidebar, header and footer ads will still be visible) add:

<style>.stallionhideads {display:none !important;}</style>

To hide the Chitika ads within the sidebar, header and footer areas (main content ads will still be visible) add:

<style>.stallionhidewads {display:none !important;}</style>

Do not use this code on posts where you have selected a Post Format (on the right menu of your edit screen: Aside, Audio, Chat etc…) where the format results in the entire content to be shown on archive pages. This would include the formats Aside, Audio, Chat, Image, Link, Quote, Status and Video. Standard and Gallery are safe. Using this code on one of the post formats above will load the code on archive pages like the home page and your ads will be hidden on the home page and other archives the post is loaded on.

Note: this code will hide AdSense and Chitika ads (works for them all).

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