Comment on Chitika WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

Chitika WordPress Theme With Talian 5 you could ad Chitika as a sidebar widget (paste the Chitika code as a text widget), but would only work on the sidebar. Interestingly I’ve been looking at WordPress ad themes that pretty much only do this and call themselves ad themes!

In Stallion 6 (new name for Talian) Chitika is already coded in for the next update (this month I hope). I’ve not finished version 6 yet, I’ve a test to show features and so I have a live site to test as well.

If you don’t see Chitika ads do a Google search for

Stallion SEO Theme

And enter the site from the link and they should appear. Chitika ads are by default set to only show to search engine visitors, though it’s not 100% accurate IME.