Comment on Chitika WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

Chitika WordPress Theme The Chitika and LinkWords ad code isn’t compatible, never figured out what the issue was, but was the javascript code they used, must be some overlap functions that means they can’t be used together.

The concept behind having 6 ad networks (and custom ads) within the Stallion theme isn’t so you can run all 6 ad networks plus other custom ads on one site, it’s so you have the option of choosing a set of ad networks that works best for a particular site.

If you add all 6 ad networks plus other ads not only are you going to overload your site with ads which is terrible from a user perspective, but also seriously slow down how fast your site loads (every ad network you add slows the site down) which can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

In general Stallion should be used as follows:

One primary ad network : AdSense, Chitika or Clickbank
One secondary ad network : Kontera, Infolinks or LinkWords
Custom ads….

From experience AdSense is better than Chitka and Chitika is better than Clickbank. Therefore when choosing a primary ad network prioritize AdSense first. For the secondary ad networks Kontera and Infolinks are similar, if you can get an account with one of them use them first.

If you’d prefer to confirm this for yourself run AdSense a week, Chitika a week and Clickbank a week with the same layouts and see which makes you most money (it’s always AdSense when I’ve run the tests).

I don’t like the Inlinks ad networks, I think they make a site look ad overloaded so don’t bother with them. I concentrate primarily on AdSense, but I always avoid going over the top on ad placement as trying to find a balance between making ad revenue, not irritating users (too many ads drives visitors a way) and not slowing the site down. It can be a difficult balancing act, I want the whole page to be an ad, but that will in the long term make less money.

For my 100 domains (run ads on around 95 of them) most run AdSense alone, those that are not suitable for the AdSense TOS (adult and gambling sites for example) run Chitika, none run Clickbank because Chitika has never declined one of my domains that I couldn’t run AdSense on.

In the future I’ll probably add more ad networks, Amazon for example and the same will hold for those, avoid overloading your site with ads, visitors hate it, search engines hate it.