Comment on Chitika WordPress Theme by SEO Dave.

Chitika WordPress Theme The settings you mention are related to AdSense ads and so can’t be used for custom ads. The Content Ad Widget area (I assume you are adding your custom ad code there) is not changed in anyway by the AdSense settings.

There’s currently not an above main content/below header widget area, so what you want to achieve isn’t possible with a 728px wide custom banner ad, at least not via a widget area. Would make sense to have a widget area there so will add one next update, this will involve adding a new widget area, so not a case of editing what’s already there.

Closest you can get to what you want via widgets is by using a much wider main content area single sidebar layout (think it would only work with the single sidebar 210px wide layouts) so there’s more space for the large 728px wide ad within the main content. Without using a different layout best you’ll get is a 468px wide ad, but would work with a Text Widget etc… added to the Banner Ad Widget area

If you are up for a bit of code editing you could hard code the ad by editing one file.


on line 2 just below

<div class="adsspacetop">

Add this code

<div class="centerad stallionhidewads">

This would add a center aligned ad below the header. I’ll probably add a new widget area to that file next update,

Replace “YOUR CODE HERE” with a fully formed banner ad, if it was a clickable image link (which is what most banner ads are) you’d create a clickable image link code like you’d add to a Text Widget or the bottom form of a Stallion Custom Ad Widget.

After the next update create a widget and add it to the new widget area I’ll be adding. No time frame on the next Stallion update, really busy and not much time to develop.


Update: The above is now possible in Stallion Responsive v8 without code modification, new header widget areas.