Update: The Stallion WordPress SEO theme has gone through multiple updates since it was first nulled in 2011, to date (June 2014) the new Stallion version, Stallion WordPress SEO V7.1.1 has not been nulled :-) and Stallion Responsive v8.1 (new version of Stallion) has also not been nulled.

Currently there’s only one nulled version of Stallion and it’s version 6.2 that’s about 3 years old. Guess I did a really good job hardening the security to make it even more difficult to crack/null.

You’ll note when searching Google for Stallion SEO theme nulled relevant SERPs, this page is near the top. That’s why the Stallion theme series is the best WordPress SEO Themes online, you want the best get your credit card out and buy a Stallion theme license. The older Stallion WordPress SEO v7.1.1 is only $20 now, the new Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Package v8.1 is $500.

If you find $500 for the best SEO package online is expensive, you shouldn’t be trying to make money online, can I suggest working at McDonalds or Burger King I assume they have staff discounts on food.

If you are too cheap to buy Stallion feel free to find an old (3+ years out of date version that lacks mobile responsive code and performance features) nulled Stallion SEO v6.2 zip file and hope I don’t track your websites down and report them for copyright infringement (see below).

Nulled WordPress Themes

[GET] Stallion SEO Theme v6.2 (Nulled)

Recently a nulled version of the Stallion WordPress SEO Theme v6.2 was released on blackhatteam.com the BlackHat SEO Forum by the user Taur. I was impressed with how Taur nulled Stallion, thought it would be harder to null.

Taur’s nulled free download version (based on Stallion version 6.2) that he had uploaded to file sharing sites such as Badongo, Depositfiles, Filefactory, Fileserve, Filesonic, Freakshare, Hotfile, Mediafire, Megaupload, Multiupload, Rapidshare, Uploaded, Uploadstation, Wupload, Ziddu (not found it on Torrents yet) had removed the need for full activation, basically rather than adding an active Stallion ID (which costs $70) you could enter anything you like.

Nulled WordPress Themes Copyright Infringement

The Stallion WordPress SEO theme includes a LOT of copyright material and using nulled Stallion is infringing my copyright hundreds of times which I legally MUST act on. If a copyright owner doesn’t pursue copyright infringement’s it weakens their copyright. We’ve all seen dumb ass moves by the likes of Microsoft and other big companies to protect their copyright, they have no choice, they have to act on all copyright infringement’s they are aware of (they can’t pick and choose good/bad infringement, copyright law doesn’t work that way).

I’ll be hardening the Stallion activation system in a future release (version 7.0) without impacting on the user experience.

There’s no way I can stop the propagation of the nulled version of Stallion (Pandora’s Box is Open), thousands of people already have a copy of the nulled 6.2 zip file and they will periodically upload it to filesharing services like Badongo, Depositfiles, Filefactory, Fileserve, Filesonic, Freakshare, Hotfile, Mediafire, Megaupload, Multiupload, Rapidshare, Uploaded, Uploadstation, Wupload, Ziddu etc… My task is putting off people like you (you probably found your way here looking for the Stallion theme for free) from using the nulled version.

For those using nulled Stallion please be aware I am aware of ALL domains running nulled Stallion, I have several methods for passively tracking Stallion users. It’s nothing untoward (I have no access to your websites or anything like that, I know all domains running Stallion and if they purchased an ID or not). I haven’t used this list before, this is the first time I’ve had to even look at the list of domains running Stallion and wouldn’t use it for anything untoward (not that there’s anything bad I could use it for, it’s just a list of URLs).

Risks of Using Nulled WordPress Themes

Anyway, like I touched on above as the copyright owner I must act to protect my copyrighted material. I will therefore be issuing DMCA Notices to the hosts of domains running the nulled version of Stallion. In my experience (personal experience see: Godaddy Copyright Infringement Policy) your host is likely to take down your hosting account or entire server (as you can read above I had 69 domains taken offline because of one article!).

If your host doesn’t respect DMCA notices (some offshore hosts don’t) the next step would be sending DMCA notices to Google Search and Google AdSense (if you run AdSense) which since using Stallion nulled is a sitewide (or at least WordPress wide) copyright infringement could result in your entire website being removed from Google search and your AdSense account banned (assuming you use AdSense).

I could pursue copyright infringement through the courts and each infringement could be liable for large fines and compensation, although I reserve my right to later court action I currently have no plans to seek legal remedies: I want nulled Stallion installations removed or paid for, that’s it.

I don’t want to waste my time protecting my copyright, please if you are currently running a nulled version of Stallion I recommend you either remove it from your server immediately or purchase Stallion and install the legal version and drop me an email with the domain(s) you had nulled Stallion running on so I can remove those domains from the DMCA notice list.

I’ll be compiling lists of nulled Stallion running domains in bulk to send DMCA notices once a month, please don’t be on it. Go check the blackhat SEO forums where you can find nulled Stallion, note some users are complaining about the DMCA notices I’ve had to send out.

For those wanting to test Stallion before purchase you can already download the full release of Stallion from this site (v7.1.1 available to test) you get access to Stallion minus an active ID. I’m considering adding a test Stallion ID that works, but disables some features so more features can be tested before purchase. Update in Stallion Responsive v8 (new version of Stallion) there is a full demo mode, can demo all premium theme features.

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