Comment on Stallion SEO Theme Nulled by SEO Dave.

Nulled WordPress Themes If only price was the answer, if you look on the forums where nulled WordPress themes and cracked scripts are released the price is irrelevant. Those who null scripts are not nulling the code for personal gain, it’s a challenge (they don’t even use the scripts and premium themes themselves).

Those who use nulled themes and scripts it’s a way of life, why pay for something when you can get it for free. A nulled premium WordPress theme zip file is uploaded to filesharing sites like Mediafire and tens of thousands download it and most will never even install it, they download it because it’s free when it shouldn’t be free.

It’s not the initial release of a nulled version of the Stallion WordPress SEO theme that’s the problem, the thousands who download it are highly unlikely to ever buy Stallion (didn’t know it existed). It’s long term where people will find their way to the Stallion sales site and want the SEO theme, but will first do a search for a free nulled version so they don’t have to spend any money. If they find a free nulled version that’s a lost sale. Which is why I’ve been sending DMCA notices to the filesharing sites so when potential Stallion customers go through the “Stallion SEO Theme Nulled” type SERPs in Google all the results go to dead files. If I can keep the top 50 results linking to dead files shouldn’t have an impact on sales and in some respects all those sites promoting nulled Stallion might increase interest.

If I sold the Stallion SEO theme for $5 it would still have programmers nulling it and people using the nulled version rather than paying $5.

The $70 price is set because that’s the minimum price that works for me and Clickbank affiliates who promote Stallion. With a Clickbank Stallion theme sale the money is split 50/50, after Clickbank fees I receive just over $30 per sale. Considering users are entitled to free updates and free support (that could be years of free updates and support) that’s cheap. The Clickbank affiliate receives a similar amount and according to my research that’s around the minimum amount of affiliate revenue an affiliate will work for promoting a Clickbank product.

The Stallion WordPress SEO theme was the next version of the Talian WordPress SEO theme which I still sell (currently the second Best WordPress SEO theme available online), but not on Clickbank and that sells for $50 with no affiliate promotion (I get all the sale minus PayPal fees). So I make less from Stallion per sale than I make from Talian, but few would promote Talian because there’s no affiliate program.

If I reduced the license fee I wouldn’t make enough to cover support time and Clickbank affiliates wouldn’t promote Stallion because it’s not worth their time. Now if I offered no support I could sell it for say $50 with $30 going to the affiliate, but that’s not going to happen since there’s nothing more important with a good product than decent support.