Comment on Stallion SEO Theme Nulled by Paul Zagoridis.

Nulled WordPress Themes I admit I was surprised that it took this long to make a Stallion SEO Theme Nulled Free Download.

Well done David on your considered response. It explained your reasoning at the fact you are forced to protect your copyright.

What is most likely to happen if the effort to send DMCA takedowns becomes too onerous? I say: development of Stallion will cease and development efforts will move to the next version of the theme. Which is a shame as you’ve done such a great job so far with Stallion.

@Sadek, as David said it’s not the price that makes people download free, it’s the challenge and that it’s forbidden. The good news it that most downloaders will never install it. Those few that do will not configure it properly. And those that do will be easily found. So it’s a dumb move to steal a theme designed to make money.

To anybody coming to this post after searching for Stallion SEO Theme Nulled Free Download, buy it. If the $70 it costs is too much for your site(s), then your site(s) will never make money. Stop wasting your time trying to make money on the internet.

If you’re worried that Stallion might not suit your needs, test it out for free. Then buy in from Clickbank. You’ll even get 60 days to request a refund. If you don’t think it’s worth the money, you can get a no questions asked refund.

That’s a great deal right there.