This will be a quick SEO test, very easy to prove Google completely ignores the title attribute of text links.

Google probably ignores the title attribute SEO wise because it’s semi-hidden content that can be very easily abused by black hat SEOs.

Though interestingly Google does count the alt text of images as a ranking factor and that’s as semi-hidden as the title attribute text.

As I wrote this article I did a few Google searches like “Title Attribute SEO” and was shocked to find some still either believe the title attribute has SEO value or they don’t know for sure!

Title Attribute SEO Ranking Value

SEO TestsThis has been so easy to test SEO wise, every SEO expert and consultant should know it’s ignored. I setup SEO tests like the one listed below over 10 years ago, so I’ve known this SEO fact for over a decade.

If your SEO expert or SEO consultant is advising you to optimize your title attributes for increased Google rankings, run away right now. They are not experts in search engine optimization and should not be allowed near your website and definitely not your money!

What is a Title Attribute?

First things first, we are not testing the Title Element or Title Tag SEO value, the title tag is VERY important SEO wise and found within the head of a web page and looks like this

<title>Title Tag Has a Lot of SEO Value</title>

I’ve wrote about the title tag regarding a WordPress home page title tag and WordPress title tags generally.

The title attribute is added to text links and other HTML elements and looks like this:

<a href="" title="THIS IS THE TITLE ATTRIBUTE">Best WordPress SEO Setup</a>

Title Attribute SEO Testing

I took this code from the title attribute SEO test text link from the anchor text SEO tips article.

So I didn’t damage the SEO test I changed the title attribute in the code above to title=”THIS IS THE TITLE ATTRIBUTE”, it looks like this code wise: Screenshot of Firefox view source-

SEO Test Title Attribute

I highlighted the title attribute text which is a unique made up keyword I used to prove Google doesn’t use the title attribute in it’s ranking algorithm.

If you search Google for the made up keyword you will find as of April 2nd 2014 there are no results found. Google SERP screenshot below:

Title Attribute SEO Test

This could not be a clearer SEO test result. Neither the page the link is on or the link is to is ranking for the made up keyword, clear proof Google ignores it.

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