Comment on Title Attribute SEO Test by Pierpaolo.

SEO Tests by fresh I wasn’t meaning it wasn’t valid, but that eventually you wouldn’t be interested in it.
I have no proof or evidence of anything, I was wondering if we try this what will happen. That’s it. I suppose you can get I’m not English – I didn’t know the “made up words” term – so please be kind to understand something may be lost in the translation, therefore try to see what I say as a way to discuss, it wasn’t anything against you. I felt your comment a bit aggressive and I don’t understand why, I wasn’t criticising you or your method, I wasn’t state Google is always right! I was asking you if you have tried something, and I did it because I was curious to see if it changes something.
Why do you attack me for something that I didn’t state? For example can you quote where I said this: “meta tags have RANKING value”?
I said those are there to add information not to cheat Google.
What I was trying to say is: Google reckons made up words as you said when you misspell something it will suggest words; I supposed in theory it should’t pay too much attention to made up words. I said I was supposing, so instead of start doing a kind of sarcastic insulting would it have been too hard just linking the other post saying: yes, I tried this or this etc etc?
Sorry, I thought you were open up to talk, but I believe I was wrong on all therefore I won’t bother you any more.

Have a good day,