Comment on Title Attribute SEO Test by SEO Dave.

SEO Tests How is an SEO test created 5 months ago that is still valid not a fresh post, it’s only 5 months, Google doesn’t change that fast?

I regularly check my SEO tests, this one is a public SEO test, most of my tests are private so they can’t be damaged.

Regarding using made up words for SEO tests, you clearly do not understand the scientific process. If you can remove as many variables as possible it makes a test easier to perform and interpret.

Do you seriously believe Google has an algorithm that some how decides what is and what is not a real word? If you believe this, you don’t understand Google, let’s see if you are correct, three new made up words.


All three searches gave:

Did you mean:

suggest words

No results containing all your search terms were found.
Your search – MADEUPWORD – did not match any documents.


Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
Try different keywords.
Try more general keywords.

If Google can ignore made up words explain why made up words work in other SEO tests like at Anchor Text SEO Tests?

What you are attempting to do is find a reason beyond Google ignoring the title attribute text to explain the clear cut SEO result. Google ignores the title attribute text, if you believe Google uses the title attribute show me an SEO test that proves your belief?

90% of what you wrote either made no sense or was wrong, meta tags for example have no RANKING value.
Google does not ignore made up words, it does not ignore misspellings.
The only thing you got right was the title attribute is used as a tooltip.

And yes I have SEO tests for the title attribute with long tail SERPs, same result. Feel free to test it yourself, it’s a simple SEO test to setup.

Create a phrase not found on the page, you can even use important keywords, for example I could have created a title attribute with this phrase

“Bullshit SEO Title Attribute has SEO Value”

Currently this phrase doesn’t exist on the Internet, you would check by doing a Google search for the phrase above including the speech marks (looks for the exact phrase only). Google gave these results:

No results found for "Bullshit SEO Title Attribute has SEO Value".
Results for Bullshit SEO Title Attribute has SEO Value (without quotes):

Clearly since I’ve added this above text here in a few days this page will be found for the exact search phrase above, so you must only use the test phrase as the title attribute ONLY. I’ve added another unique title attribute to a link within this comment that’s similar to the text above, every word in the title attribute exists on this page, the only thing unique is the order of the words. these are the words in a different order, so I’m repeating them again in alphabetical order:


Right now the loose search for both long tail phrase finds my “101 SEO Tips” article as number one, but no pages are found for the exact “Google search”.

Search Google for “Bullshit SEO Title Attribute has SEO Value”, when Google finds this comment, view source of this comment, find the link with anchor text “Anchor Text SEO Tests”, search Google for the text within title=”unique phrase including bullshit SEO here” and as it’s the title attribute you won’t find anything in Google for the exact search.

Guess we’ll see a comment the SEO test isn’t valid because you have to use the speech marks to find an exact match, if you believe that there’s no convincing you :-)

This is using the scientific method to my advantage: studied genetics at Uni, planned to go into HIV research, I know how to setup valid experiments, but I’m very happy to be proved wrong. If you prove me wrong my understanding of SEO improves, that makes me better at SEO which makes me more money. I will thank you if you prove me wrong.