Comment on Title Attribute SEO Test by Pieproalo.

SEO Tests although, your post is not so fresh, so you may be not interested any more, I’d like to ask if you have ever tried to test a long tail phrase instead of that meaningless word? I suppose Google in order to do not waste time and efforts should have implemented something to rip off of fake words. Indeed, a brand new business may not rank immediately for its brand name, when its name is something away from something that sound “human”.
I mean try to add a long phrase that make sense and there is no hint of that exact phrase on internet. wait for 3 weeks up to 1 months and then see.
I’m not sure, but IMHO it should rank if it makes sense in the contest of your page, your website etc etc.
I suppose the biggest point missed by SEO is: meta tags, attributions or any other part for our code are there to add information not to cheat Google. The Title Attribute is for an alternative info to show, for example it can be a “tool tip” (a short message that appears when the pointing device pauses over an object).
So if Google is improving its algorithm, testing fake keywords will be pointless, as – sorry for my language – Google won’t give a shit to a word without meaning; showing a word without meaning won’t make the user experience amazing or slightly better, that’s why Google dumps straight way fake words and misspellings.