Good news, got an email back from Bill McRea and he wasn’t aware the WordPress developer had used Talian 05 backend for his new Passive Income WordPress Theme. He’d hired someone to create a new theme with the functionality of Talian 05 (which anyone can do if they have the PHP/WordPress skills), not hire someone to create a theme using copyright material from Talian 05.

He’s removed the Passive Income WordPress Theme from sale, so happy with the result.

Original Passive Income WordPress Theme by Bill McRea Review

Bill McRea ComplaintsLooks like Bill McRea (author of Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin that a lot of Talian 05 customers use) has used the backend of version 5 of my Talian 5 AdSense theme verbatim for a WordPress theme called Passive Income WordPress Theme.

He’s also presumably used all the Clickbank and AdSense code from Talian 05 as well (confirmed: it’s a copy of those files minus links to the readme information so the user has no information on what each setting does, even removed the link to sign-up for a Google AdSense account but replaced the Clickbank link with his affiliate ID!). And used my rotating banner code for the banner as it’s identical (better not be using my wife’s banner images: also confirmed he’s using our copyright images!!!).

That’s nice of Bill McRea copying Talian 05, not impressed.

Not got access to the themes source code (update: do now), but the YouTube video shows the backend of Talian 05 verbatim and a some of the source code is identical. Even shows Talian 05 installed on the demo blog in the video as well.

Looking at the theme used (viewing the source of a demo running the theme) it’s lost all the SEO code of Talian 05, which means SEO wise it’s rubbish so it’s just an ad theme and won’t increase search engine rankings like Talian 05 does.

Not much of a WordPress theme review, but there you go.

Talian Theme Update

Talian 05 is soon to go version 6 and will gain a new name (Stallion SEO theme) for branding reasons.

Good news is version 6 of my SEO WordPress theme is well underway, currently working on giving users the ability to manipulate the sidebars. Currently we have two fixed sidebars (200px wide), one on the left and one on the right.

I want to offer easy options for both sidebars on the left or right and one larger sidebar (at least 300px wide) either on the left or the right so we have more options for ad sizes.

You would not believe how much code rewriting it’s taken just to get the sidebars and main content code in a format that can be switched around (we got home at 1am from watching New Years eve fireworks and between 2am and 5am last night, yes New Years morning I’m working with advanced CSS coding!).

This will be particularly useful when I code in the custom ad system I have planned which really needs a wider sidebar to take advantage of the 125px ads (two side by side) a lot of people use.

Have also added full support for the new WordPress menu system, with this you can build menus for your sidebars linking literally to anything. You can also use a custom menu to build a navigation menu to replace the current Talian 05 navigation menu with again literally anything you want to link to easily.

That’s what I’ve been working on today. Will provide a full list of new features when I’ve finished adding new features (still got lots to do).

SEO AdSense Theme Version 6 Will Have Copy Protection

I hate having to add software protection, but knew it was only a matter of time before someone used the backend of Talian 05 for a theme.

I’ve had my eldest son at home for Christmas (home from University, studying a Computer Science degree), he plans to be a computer programmer. Had his help over Christmas coding in some software protection to version 6 so only customers can use it (will also be REALLY difficult to copy like Bill McRea has done with the Passive Income WordPress Theme).

A lot of software protection for themes works by accessing the software authors server, if the authors server goes down so does all the customers software!

Son number 1 has created a custom Digital Rights Management System that though requires access to my server, it doesn’t take a customers theme down if my server is offline (pretty cool coding). Means I could theoretically put the zip file for download for free, but it won’t work fully (can’t change any theme settings) unless you paid for AND you haven’t received a refund (when I sell via Clickbank there’s an automatic right to a full refund with no reason, which means you ideally need a way to disable the software).

Having to pay my son in phone’s, got to buy him a new iPhone for a University project he’s working on, some kind of GPS based ordering/tracking system that can be tracked via an iPhone :-)

He says he should be able to code in an automated update system for the theme as well, so I hope sometime in the future version 6 will be up-datable without having to download a new zip file etc… should be along the lines of the WordPress built in updater.

All Talian 03, 04 and 05 customers will receive a free version 6 update when released even though it will be completely rewritten code wise to give greater flexibility.

Happy New Year

David Law

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