Comment on Bill McRea Complaints by SEO Dave.

Bill McRea Complaints The backlinks come from other WordPress sites that are using the Above the Matrix Auto Traffic Nirvana WordPress Plugin (or whatever Bill McRea called it, changed it’s name twice!).

If those WordPress sites are running the Massive Passive Profits Autoblog Plugin as well (I’m sure many will) you’ll gain backlinks from other Massive Passive Profits autoblogs. If Bill McRea manages to open his Above the Matrix link network to WordPress users generally then your links will come from a variety of WordPress sites. Unlikely he’ll get many high quality WordPress blogs to sign up since these types of link networks result in banned domains in Google. So you’ll be gaining lots of low quality links and if you only submit low quality blogs won’t matter when they are banned by Google.

Running just the Massive Passive Profits plugin on your WordPress site will not result in your site linking to Auto Traffic Nirvana Plugin users sites, you also have to have the Auto Traffic Nirvana Plugin installed to be part of the link network.