Comment on Bill McRea Complaints by SEO Dave.

Bill McRea Complaints The banners with the Talian 5 theme are mostly copyright my wife (probably about 90% are created by my wife from her photographs: she’s an amateur photographer).

If you bought Talian 5 from this website you won’t have any problems, by purchasing Talian 5 (from me) you can use the banners on your own websites in association with Talian 5.

There is/was another theme that Bill McRea had made called the Passive Income Theme and the person he paid to make the theme used banners from the Talian 5 theme which is a copyright infringement as described above.

After I informed Bill McRea of the issue (he wasn’t aware the theme developer basically copied Talian 5 and gave it a different front end) he immediately removed the Passive Income theme from sale.

I’m happy with the outcome.

Bill McRea hadn’t started promoting the Passive Income theme so doubt many copies were sold, so though there’s probably a small number of webmasters running the Passive Income theme and infringing copyright material it’s not going to become a big issue.

Copyright is a legal minefield and as I understand it if you don’t protect your copyright on every case you discover you can run into problems if you ever have to take something serious to court (it’s why big companies make what appear to be retarded decisions taking people to court for copyright/trademark infringements, they have to be seen to be protecting their work).

If I stumble across any sites using the banners I’ll give them a friendly notice to replace the banner images. Banners are really easy to make, there’s loads of public domain sources for images with thousands of images suitable for making banners, so not hard to replace them.

For Talian 5 customers it’s not an issue, so you can legally keep your site as it is :-)

In the Talian update called Stallion SEO Ad Theme I’m including copyright notices within each banner folder. Some images are from the public domain** and though you don’t have to credit material from the public domain, I have in Stallion 6.

** Although the images are from the public domain since they have been edited they do become copyright whoever edited them (it’s a derivative work). I don’t think I’d spend time chasing copyright infringements of derivative public domain images though :-)