The Stallion Responsive theme and Stallion WordPress SEO theme includes a large number of social network promotion features, ranging from popular social media buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+…) to easy ways to link your WordPress blog with promotion services like Google Analytics and Google, Bing and Alexa site verification.

To access the Stallion Responsive Promotion Options page log into your sites WordPress Dashboard and after installing Stallion via the “Appearance” >> “Themes” page on the left menu hover over the “Stallion Theme” menu and click “Promotion Options”.

WordPress Social Network Promotion

Below is a screenshot of the entire Stallion Responsive Promotion Options page, click the image for the large version.

WordPress Promotion Theme

The Stallion WordPress Theme Promotion Options page has settings related to promoting your site through custom ads and services like Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Flickr, Google, Bing and Yahoo webmaster tools.

Social Network Promotions

Currently there are three promotion buttons, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Settings include turn all buttons on/off, turn individual button on/off, show buttons on posts and pages or posts, pages and archives, add your Twitter username so when your visitors Tweet your posts they link to your Twitter account on their Tweets.

For those interested in SEO the buttons are served using javascript which means they are SEO neutral.

Google Analytics

Turn Google Analytics ON/OFF and add your Google Analytics UA Code plus sub-Domain Tracking if required.

Webmaster Tools

Verify your site with

Google Site Verification
Bing Site Verification
Yahoo Site Verification

In Stallion Responsive Theme v8 I removed some of the Stallion WordPress SEO Theme v7 options related to WordPress widgets. In Stallion Responsive all the features below still exist, but because they are WordPress widgets removed the option to turn them off, so in Stallion Responsive the WordPress widgets are always available under the WordPress Widgets admin page.

Flickr WordPress Widget

Turn the Flickr Widget on or off. When turned on you’ll find a widget under “Appearance” >> “Widgets” where you can add your Flickr account and show up to ten of your Flickr images.

For those interested in SEO the widget is served using javascript which means it’s SEO neutral.


Stallion Theme Custom Ad Widgets, 125px by 125px Ad Widget on/off

WordPress 125px Custom Ads Plugin

When on this adds an options page under the Stallion menu called “125px Ad Settings”. Under this options page you will find a form for adding up to 20 banner ads.

Each ad has the following settings:

Image URL: Add a URL to an image like “”. Leaving this setting blank while adding other settings for an ad will use the “Advertise on this Site” image, this can be used to link to a page where you sell ads.

URL: Add a URL to where the AD goes like “”

Alt: This is the hoverover text (alt text) like “Stallion SEO Theme”. This setting has SEO value, if it’s a banner link to one of your sites add some relevant keywords to help it rank better in Google.

Cloak Ad: If you add Y to this box (leave blank to not cloak) the banner ad will be cloaked using the Stallion Link Cloaking script which is set on the “Stallion Theme” >> “SEO Advanced Options” page. For the cloaking to work the setting “Cloak Affiliate Links ON” must be ticked.

When a banner ad is cloaked it will use the code described at Cloak Affiliate Links Tutorial. Don’t worry, it’s all automated, just add your settings and Stallion does the cloaking.

Set the Width and Height of your images, depending on the Stallion Layout you are using (under Stallion >> Layout Options) will determine the image sizes that will work well for your site. For example if you are using one of the 300px wide Right/Left sidebar layouts a 125px by 125px banner ads works well on the main sidebars, you get two ads side by side (as you see on the right menu of this site, see the 4 Stallion banner ads). For other sidebar layouts wider banner ads may work better. If you are selling ads a lot of ad buyers use the 125px by 125px banner ads.

The number of ads sets how many ads to show at a time. If you want all ads to show at once add the number of ads you’ve created or select a number below the ads added to have those ads selected randomly. For example if you add 10 ads and select 6 ads, 6 of the 10 ads will be randomly selected with each page load.

The positioning of the ads is random.

Under “Appearance >> Widgets” you’ll find the “125px by 125px Ads” widget, add it to one of your widget areas.

Custom Ad Widget
Stallion Custom Ad Widget
Turning the Custom Ad Widget on activates the “Stallion Custom Ad Widget” under “Appearance >> Widgets”. The Custom Ad Widgets settings are contained within the widgets menu.

Add a Stallion Custom Ad Widget to one of your sidebars and add the relevant settings.

You have two choices, an ad built in parts or an entire ad code pasted in the box. to build an ad, add these settings.

Optional Title Heading: A heading for the widget (can leave blank just for the banner ad).

Banner/Image URL: URL of the image, for example

Ads Link URL: Where you want the ad to go when clicked, for example

Alt Text (HoverOver Image Text): the alt text used (has SEO value), for example “Best WordPress SEO Theme”.

Select an alignment (left, right or center) and if you want the ad to use the Stallion Link Cloaking (see instructions for the 125px by 125px Ad Widget tutorial above for how this works).

You can see a Stallion Custom Ad Widget in action on the right menu, it’s the large Stallion banner ad linking to the Stallion Clickbank affiliate program using the example settings above.

This widget can also be used for pasting fully formed ads, paste the entire code of an ad as provided by an ad network etc…

You can add multiple Stallion Custom Ad Widgets allowing you to add custom banner ads to a number of widget areas.

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