Comment on WordPress Social Network Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress Promotion Theme You’ve mixed up two separate, but related features.

On my site the social media like and share buttons at the bottom of posts are for sharing and liking on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

These are set under “Stallion Theme” >> “Promotion Options” top options.

As you’ll see there are multiple placement options:

Turn Buttons ON Top of Content
Turn Buttons ON Bottom of Content
Turn Buttons ON Top of Page Fixed
Turn Buttons ON Bottom of Page Fixed
Turn Buttons OFF

On my site I’m, using “Turn Buttons ON Bottom of Content”.

And set which sections of the site to load them on:

Posts and Pages Only
Posts, Pages and Archives

On my site I’m, using “Posts and Pages Only”.

Currently there are 7 social media like/share buttons built into Stallion Responsive:

Facebook Like Button
Twitter Tweet Button
Google +1 Button
Stumbleupon Button
Reddit Button
Linkedin Button
Pintrest Button

I use the first three, each one you add requires more external resources (they tend to need javascript to run), if you want a higher Google PageSpeed rating use none, want your content shared and liked on social networks use the ones you think are important and take the resource hit.

For this site it’s Google+, Facebook and Twitter. If I had images that would be shared a lot I’d include Pinterest.

The separate, but related feature are the social media PROFILE links on the right of my site (they aren’t for sharing content, they are just image links to my social network profiles).

The feature is turned on at “Stallion Theme” >> “Promotion Options” : “Social Network Profile Links ON” where you will also see a link to your WordPress Profile (the Profile is core WordPress).

On the Promotions Options page you turn the feature on and set which side of the screen the profile links should load, left or right.

On your WordPress Profile settings page you add the profile links you wish to use. I currently link to 5 of my social network profile pages.

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The entire list is:

Google Plus Profile
Facebook Profile
Twitter Profile
LinkedIn Profile
StumbleUpon Profile
Reddit Profile
Pinterest Profile
Youtube Channel
Flickr Profile
RSS Feed

I don’t use the social networks I haven’t added a profile link to much, Flickr for example I’ve got an account, but never used it.

The social network profile links are also used by the Author Biography Box which is the information box you see at the bottom of all my posts with the Stallion Gravatar image etc…

Turn the author box on at:
“Stallion Theme” >> “Layout Options” : “Author Biography ON”

You will find more options for the contents of this box on your WordPress Profile page.

Regarding linking to your social network profile links (these are links that potentially pass PR/link benefit and damage a sites siloing).

As of Stallion Responsive 8.1 the profile links to Facebook etc… are loaded within an iFrame. That’s the profile links hovering on the right side of my site and the ones underneath my author biography information not the link buttons.

Any links within an iFrame are NOT considered links from the page you see the links on, but only the webpage the iFrame loads.

You can see on this webpage there are two sets of 5 social network profile links, 10 outbound links in total. Because each set of 5 are loaded in an iFrame they are NOT considered links from this webpage. The links are loaded on two separate webpages, this is one of them :

The above URL links to 5 social networks (each link passes SEO benefit), the webpage you are reading now, does not. Means we don’t waste any PR/link benefit on social media links or damage our websites content niching.

Picture building a siloed SEO link structure where most of your internal and external links support specific silos. Now you add 10 or more links to Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc… with anchor text or alt text (my links are image links, so it’s alt text) that doesn’t support the specific silo!

Google can still find the links from but it’s only one page of the website rather than a set of sitewide links and you aren’t actually linking to it, loading a webpage in an iFrame isn’t linking to it.

Adding the social network profile links has very little impact SEO wise: there’s a tiny resource hit since you are loading two webpages via iFrames, but it’s better than linking to 10+ external links sitewide (that would be a huge negative SEO hit).