Comment on WordPress Social Network Theme by SEO Dave.

WordPress Promotion Theme The Stallion search comments feature still needs some work, best to search for single words for now. The original comment thread is at Change size of the Facebook share/like.

I looked into building larger social media like and share buttons like the ones you showed me, but got distracted and improved the social media profile links, they now are held in an iFrame which is awesome SEO wise.

Although it’s pretty easy to achieve for one site/one social media button, needs more planning as a theme feature.

What I’d like to achieve is create custom social media like buttons that are held in an iFrame. This is possible with some, but not all social media buttons which is why I got distracted with easier lower hanging SEO fruit :-)

For a custom solution I’d probably think widget, you should be able to build a simple custom Facebook like button as a simple widget: there’s the basic widget code in the Stallion custom-widget.php file you could adapt.

If I can figure out how to achieve multiple size social media buttons for the main networks and hold them in an Iframe that would be a nice performance SEO improvement, would take the buttons off the page so they wouldn’t be a potential performance issue.

Currently building content, so creating new features for an update not a high priority.