This is a series of SEO advice and tips aimed at new SEO consultants or those looking to learn SEO from scratch.

As an owner of a website or an SEO consultant you must understand the importance of backlinks to good search engine listings. There are even dedicated backlink building services, be careful with that type of SEO service, tend to be low quality.

SEO Link Building

Linkbait If you are familiar with Google search engine optimization you’ll already know text links/backlinks are essential to gaining even slightly competitive SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Many years ago you may have seen references to Googlebombs such as the Miserable Failure SERP which showed the power of text links with specific anchor text**.

**Note: as of Late January 2007 Google made an algorithm change and this completely reorganized the miserable failure SERP. Google made a change so Googlebombs are no longer as effective. Difficult to say if this change had a negative impact on back link campaigns, but you could see a case where a site owner obtained thousands of back links with identical anchor text and in doing so was seen as a Googlebomb. To be on the safe side try to vary your anchor text since that’s what natural backlinks anchor text is like.

Generating backlinks are what most SEO consultants refer to as an off page SEO factor, meaning the text links aren’t on the page or on the site: the SEO expert can’t change them, unless they also own the sites the links are on as well.

Contextual Text Links

Look for contextual text links (links from within content) like the text links in the next paragraph.

I’m the developer of the Best WordPress SEO Package called Stallion Responsive which takes WordPress SEO to another level not seen in any other WordPress package. You will find an example site running the SEO package at Skinny Me which is a website that discusses weight loss techniques: my wife and I have lost over 7 stone in weight between us (both at our perfect weight now, 2014).

Contextual links like these are the best types of backlinks you can aim for, they are as natural as it gets. You should also use this form of link both within your own site (linking to internal pages like the home page link above) and to other relevant sites you own: really pushed the relevant site part on the Skinny Me site, not really a link.

Lets Gain Some Text Links

There are many ways an SEO consultant or webmaster can gain text links for a website, here are a few pointers.

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