Update: It’s been roughly 15 months since I used the 1 hr Xbox 360 Repair Guide to fix my sons broken Xbox 360 and to date he’s had no issues with his games console.

Now he wants me to buy him an Xbox 360 Elite, I don’t see the point while his current Xbox 360 is fully working?

I’m not one for upgrading a games console for the sake of upgrading. We’ve still got a Playstation 2 and still play games on it, though sucks the shooting games (with guns) no longer work on newer TV screens :-( Used to enjoy playing Time Crisis and House of the Dead with light guns from a Playstation 1 :-)

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Repair Guide Review

Xbox 360 Red Ring of DeathMy youngest son was playing on his Xbox 360 when it stopped working for no apparent reason, had 3 red lights on and had no video or audio etc… so it was definitely a broken console.

With it being outside the Microsoft manufacturers warranty I contacted a local computer repair shop, described the 3 red lights problem with the Xbox and was quickly given a diagnosis of the Red Ring of Death (RROD) (what a cool name for a console fault), was also given an estimated repair cost of between £40 and £80 to fix the fault depending on the cause with no guarantees of a fix!

Considering how much Xbox 360’s cost now the £80 repair tag with no guarantees of a fix was a little on the high side, so I set my youngest son (he plays the thing, not me :)) to research the Red Ring of Death fault with an aim to finding a DIY Xbox 360 repair guide online.

The error is known as “Red Ring of Death”, “Red Lights of Death” or “Red Ring of Doom”, I just love these names users have given the errors :-)

Xbox 360 Error Codes

My son also told me the Xbox had been playing up for a few weeks, with 2 red lights sometimes flashing, video freezing, a e74 system error and occasional disc read errors as well, since restarts got it working he didn’t tell me of the Xbox problems: KIDS!!!

Some potential causes of Xbox errors:

Xbox 360 Error codes

DIY Xbox 360 RROD Fix

His first DIY repair find was a bit of a crazy Xbox fix!

Apparently if you wrap your Xbox 360 in a towel and turn it on for 20 mins it over heats melting solder points which can fix some Xbox 360 faults including the Red Ring of Death problem!!

I can understand the theory of this crazy Xbox repair technique using a towel, but I could see it at best being a temporary fix (probably doesn’t solve the cause of the problem) and at best might completely ruin the game console: I could imagine it exploding or melting in a puddle of hot plastic!!

So quickly rejected this DIY repair option, who the heck came up with this crazy idea anyway!

1 Hour Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Repair Guide

Next he found an Xbox 360 repair guide (with instruction videos) you can buy at here. With the 1 hr Xbox 360 repair guide supposed to be able to fix an Xbox 360 in under 1 hour or your money back (sold via Clickbank and they have a 60 day money back guarantee anyway).

I did a few Google searches myself, (hate to spend money when there’s a free option) but couldn’t find a free repair guide that made sense, so decided to buy the 1 hour repair guide. If it didn’t work I’d get a refund anyway.

Paid for and downloaded the console repair guide and set to work on fixing his Xbox only to realise I lacked an electrical screwdriver (to be precise one of my other kids had lost it!).

Went out the next day, bought a new electrical screwdriver (the type for testing live circuits: I always use this type of screwdriver in case of shock, testing capacitors etc…) and set about repairing the Xbox 360.

Took about 20 minutes to find the problem and 10 more minutes to repair it, I then put it back together wrong (I forgot the order :)) and the top plastic thing wouldn’t close properly, after 10 more mins of fiddling with it I got it all back together (took about 1 hour 15 mins, but I wasted some of the time).

Plugged it in and it worked first time, youngest son has been playing it a lot and no problems reported so far (one week on).

So the repair guide worked basically as described on the box. The video instructions was particularly helpful, when I get a new ‘toy’ I rarely read the instructions, so a instructional video repair guide works well for me.

You can buy the guide at 1 hr Xbox 360 Repair Guide.

Post a comment if you buy the repair guide and it worked for you as well.

Broken Cameras

Shame I couldn’t find a similar repair guide for when our digital camera stopped working, again outside it’s warranty. Almost feels like they are designed this way, also have a digital video camera break the same way just out of warranty!

Seams to be around 18 months use is all we get from expensive digital products!!

It’s a Fuji FinePix S9500 Digital Camera which cost over £200 new. I tried to find the fault and broke the damn thing, didn’t know which screws to undue etc… and broke a button and a dial thing. It’s now in pieces in an old 2l ice-cream tub, never did get it fully dismantled (waiting for a future repair miracle), had to buy my wife a new digital camera, so expensive mistake!

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