Comment on Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Repair by David.

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death I have been using my xbox 360 that was connected to the internet for almost 4 yrs (bought it back in 08) i just moved an didnt have internet service for a few months so there were no updates done on my system, I got the internet hooked it up started a game an it needed an update so i did it.

played the game for probably a good 2 sec’s an it froze.

i turned it off via the button on the front waited a few min an turned it back on an got the 3 red lights with no post screen or anything. wasnt able to turn it off with the button had to just unplug it.

i saw on the internet where you can stop the fans while its running for about 5 min the it would switch to 2 red lights you turn it off an wait for a few min. that worked but now after doing that update wheather or not i load a game it freezes after a few min.

i was using it for a few solid weeks right before with no problem, did the update an had problems. i formated the hd an cleared the cache, even tried to remove the hd but none of those things worked… monday when i get to work (i do computer repair) i will remove the thermal paste an re apply something i use on new computer builds an see if that works.

i really dont know if the update had anything to do with it, but it had to…