The WP Expander Plugin is a WordPress plugin that delays the loading of widgets. You will see it in action on this website on the right sidebar and to the right of the content you are reading now.

WP Expander WordPress Plugin Review This website runs the Stallion SEO Ad WordPress Theme which includes two Stallion affiliate banner ads that include the WP Expander Plugin code built in. If you own a copy of the Stallion theme and are using those banner ads to promote Stallion (50% affiliate revenue share via Clickbank) they will delay load when you install the WP Expander Plugin.

The idea behind this plugin is so many Internet users are used to seeing banner ads they have “ad blindness”, they no longer “see” the ads. By using the WP Expander Plugin the ads slide open after the rest of the content has loaded (you can set the delay in seconds) and the act of the ad or other content opening after the visitor has started viewing the content draws their attention to your banner ads etc…

I didn’t make the WP Expander Plugin, but own the resale rights and have fixed a few small PHP errors in the code that has the potential to break RSS Feeds. To purchase the WP Expander Plugin (for $10) use the PayPal button below.

It’s an instant download as long as you don’t pay using an eCheque (roughly a 5 day delay if paying by eCheque).

You can use the WP Expander Plugin via the widgets menu under Appearance >> Widgets. Drag and drop a WP Expander Plugin Widget to a sidebar/widget area and add your code to the form that opens (just like how a WordPress text widget works). Set the time delays and you are done.

If you purchase a copy of the Stallion Theme there are widget areas throughout the theme allowing you to add delayed banner ads and other content with this plugin. In a future update of Stallion I plan to incorporate this plugin into the code in a way so some of the built in ads can be delayed to reduce ad blindness.

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