Comment on WP Expander Plugin by SEO Dave.

WP Expander WordPress Plugin Review I saw potential in the WP Expander plugin so bought the master resale rights version to see what it’s all about :-)

Problem was as I expected the plugin assumes the theme has a before_widget and after_widget that includes code something like this:

'before_widget' => '<div id="%1$s" class="widget-container %2$s">',
'after_widget' => '</div>',

In Talian 5 and Stallion 6 these were blank as they aren’t needed (I try to keep the code as clean as possible).

I’ve ran a test adding the above code with Stallion and it has no impact on the theme (doesn’t mess up the coding, so will use it for the Stallion release) and results in the WP Expander plugin working as expected.

Not tested with Talian 5, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work the same way as with Stallion. If you are in a rush to get this working (don’t want to wait for Stallion) you can edit the Talian 5 functions.php file, just replace the two relevant lines with the code above.

There’s a few errors in the plugin files, the author has left blank spaces at the bottom of some of the PHP files that results in blank lines at the top of your page (only seen at code level, but can break RSS feeds). You should remove those blank lines.

Since I have the master resale rights now will probably sell this plugin after I release Stallion. I should be able to incorporate the plugin into the Stallion ad code so you can set ads to show after X seconds, not just custom ads, but all the built in ads. If I can get it to work (I see no reason why not) I’ll include it in the next update (probably end of March, though no promises on the exact date).

Will be interesting to see if having an AdSense ad pop up in the main content 15 seconds after loading say results in a higher CTR.

The WP Expander plugin author has set the minimum price to sell this plugin at $10, so will sell it for $10 (don’t worry the original plugin will work with whatever I do with Stallion, so you won’t have to buy it twice :-)).

Nice plugin find there Nigel.