There are many WordPress Themes that are advertised as SEO friendly or SEO optimized, but very few actually are search engine optimized themes. I’ve spent almost a decade working with WordPress and almost as long developing WordPress SEO themes.

To date (June 2014) I haven’t reviewed a WordPress theme (not developed by yours truly :-)) that was search engine optimized anywhere near the standard of my SEO themes.

I’ve been that confident in my WP themes I’ve offered up to $5,000 for the first person who finds a WordPress theme that offers all the SEO features of the themes I develop plus one more SEO feature.

No one has come close to claiming a cash prize.

So you think a WordPress SEO Theme is better than my latest WordPress SEO package, why not add your WordPress SEO theme Review below and I’ll explain why you are wrong.

WordPress SEO Themes I Develop

Talian 5.5 WordPress ThemeTalian WordPress SEO and AdSense Theme
Talian 5.5 available for free on this website, some of the WordPress code and SEO features are a bit out of date.

Talian lacks mobile responsive design options and performance improving features, but is still better SEO wise than many WordPress SEO themes and it’s free.

Talian was the starting point for my next theme Stallion WordPress SEO…

Stallion WordPress SEO ThemeStallion WordPress SEO Theme
Stallion SEO Theme version 7.1.1 the second best WordPress SEO theme available.

Awesome SEO theme with search engine optimization features never before seen in a WordPress theme (or SEO plugin), but lacks mobile responsive features which is increasing important to Google SEO rankings.

Which is why I used Stallion WordPress SEO as the starting point for Stallion Responsive (released early 2014).

Stallion Responsive SEO ThemeStallion Responsive SEO Theme
Stallion Responsive version 8.0 the Best WordPress SEO theme available today (2014) by a light year: there’s at least a dozen SEO features no other WordPress theme or WordPress SEO plugin uses, totally unique SEO to Stallion.

Awesome SEO theme includes 95% of Stallion WordPress SEO (removed a few dated features), includes mobile responsive design and advanced Google SEO performance features (built in caching of Gravatars and Widgets for example).

So many SEO options and features it would take many hours to explain what Stallion Responsive can achieve to an experienced SEO expert.

Free Stallion Responsive Demo and Child theme with thousands of header and thumbnail images available on the website.

The website you are on now is powered by Stallion Responsive.

What about WordPress Theme and WordPress SEO Plugin Combinations?

Feel free to compare my WordPress SEO themes (would love to see comparisons between Stallion Responsive and popular themes and SEO plugins) to any other WordPress Theme + SEO Plugin combination.

Think the Thesis Theme + Yoast WordPress SEO plugin is better than Stallion Responsive, tell me why?

Think Genesis Theme + All In One SEO Pack Plugin rocks, tell me why?

Come on, worst case scenario you might learn something about search engine optimization, but if you can show why your WordPress SEO package is better than Stallion Responsive there’s $5,000 waiting got be claimed.

David Law

David Law > AKA SEO Dave
: 20+ Years Experience as a Freelance SEO Consultant, WordPress SEO Expert, Internet Marketer, Developer of Multiple WordPress SEO Plugins/SEO Themes Including the Stallion Responsive Theme.

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