Comment on Technical Support by SEO Dave.

WordPress Technical Support There’s an article on the site about Duplicate Title Tags and there’s a comment specific to the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin overriding the WordPress SEO Comments plugin title tags : Wrong Yoast SEO Title Tags.

The WordPress SEO Comments Plugin creates unique title tags for the SEO comments pages from the comments text and the Yoast SEO plugin overwrites them all with the main articles title tags.

Like I’ve said dozens of times the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin isn’t very good SEO wise, I wouldn’t use it if it was the only SEO plugin online.

This comment for example: should have a title tag something like :

Hi Carole So at the moment there has been a complete review…

But Yoast SEO is replacing it with the main articles title tag:

Motorhome motability schemes for the genuinely disabled UK people

I’ve fixed this issue in the Stallion Responsive Theme version of the SEO Super Comments feature (Stallion Responsive does work with Yoast active without Yoast ruining too many SEO features), but not had the time to see if I can fix the free Comments SEO plugin. All my free stuff is on a really low priority, currently working on a big Stallion Responsive 8.5 update, so have no plans to modify the free plugin this year.

BTW When using the free WordPress SEO Comments plugin as it doesn’t have comment titles (that’s a Stallion Responsive feature see: Stallion Comment Title plugin) to sort of match Stallion’s output, modify your comments. Add the text you want to be used as the title tag at the top of the comment.

So your comment starting “Hi Carole So at the moment…” could be changed to “The Title You Want Showing Hi Carole So at the moment…”. Far from ideal, but it’s how I used to do it years ago before adding comment titles to my SEO theme. IF I had the time I’d add the comment title feature to the free plugin, but I don’t have the free time.

Obviously for this to work you can’t use the Yoast plugin title tags feature.