Comment on SEO Silo Theme by SEO Dave.

SEO Silo Structure Guess you aren’t happy a simple search engine optimized comment is top 10 in Google for some of your SERPs like SEO Design Framework and SEO Design Framework Review.

I never said I used your SEO Design Framework theme, thought I made it clear I looked at your sales website which uses your SEO Design Framework so was reviewing the end result of your product: I assumed since you use your product on the site it would show your on-page SEO (which isn’t very good). I also looked at some of your websites information describing the product.

First line of my comment is:

“This is almost a review a WordPress SEO Framework challenge :-)”

Note: “Almost a review”, if it were a true SEO Design Framework review it would have required having a copy of your product and installing it etc…, I’d have NOT wrote the disclaimer had I had access. Not buying a premium WordPress SEO theme for a basic comment!

Also wrote “With only access to their YouTube video on building a silo structure”, pretty clear I’ve not installed your SEO product and didn’t try to suggest I had. I think I was clear I wasn’t sure about everything I wrote regarding how the WP Silo SEO features work. What you described still sounds like a lot of manual work to setup a WP SEO silo sitewide. See the Recent Posts Widget, few clicks of the mouse and it was siloed, only loads recent posts from the category a post is in.

Not sure what the issue is (beyond it being a negative product review), if you use your SEO framework on your sales site why isn’t it valid to review your website which uses your SEO product? You are the expert of your SEO product, shouldn’t you as the expert be able to get maximum SEO out of your SEO product???

Isn’t the end SEO result that’s important, if you’ve built a flashy website with your framework and ignored SEO so the site looks awesome, has great features, but is shit on-page SEO wise in some areas, shouldn’t your potential buyers who are looking to by an SEO THEME know this?

I use the Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Package on this website and to get maximum on-site SEO I can’t ignore SEO just to have a nice flashy feature, that would be disingenuous to my potential buyers. There’s flashy features I’d like to use, but if I add a bunch of sliders and try to suggest they aren’t SEO damaging, I’d be misrepresenting the truth! Interesting you’ve read my review you think is full of shit and yet have removed a bunch of flashy features for better Google PageSpeed Insights results.

Why is that? No need to thank me for my awesome SEO advice you apparently followed :-)

Your PageSpeed Insights Results results are still crap BTW.

I don’t have anything to hide, happy for any SEO product I’ve even mentioned let alone review to have a right to reply, which is why I’ve approved your three comments (later realized one was a copy, so trashed the first one) and won’t have an issue with others as long as they aren’t abusive (no problem with the tone of your first comments).

On SERPs I’m targeting, I really enjoyed reading “allow you to represent your own brand any way you like” above! No one owns a SERP, you have no claim over SERPs related to SEO Design Framework, so thanks for allowing me to represent my brand as I see fit, really appreciated! Are there any other SERPs I need permission to target?

SEO Design Framework according to Google AdWords generates around 110 searches a month, if I want to target that traffic seriously I will, don’t need your permission. Maybe I’ll re target my efforts and call my SEO product “Stallion Responsive the Only All In One SEO Design Framework”.

SEO Design Framework

If you want to target SERPs like “Stallion Responsive”, “Stallion Responsive Review”, “Stallion Theme”, “Stallion Theme Review” and trash the crap out of my SEO product, feel free, you don’t need my permission. You can even download the full package and test in Demo mode (nothing is limited except the main options reset regularly) and generate a full product review if you like.

BTW I noticed you didn’t respond to using the SEO damaging nofollow links on your site. Why are you deleting link benefit if you understand SEO?