Going to review the SEO rankings of a person (Nik0) who tried to damage my reputation on the Warrior Forum, Nik0 runs an SEO backlinks service at seobacklinkservice.com.

I target a lot of SEO SERPs to try to convert to Stallion Responsive SEO Package sales, Nik0 accused me of conning people into signing up for a one year subscription SEO service.

I don’t offer any SEO services beyond selling a WordPress SEO theme and that’s a one time payment for free updates and free support, NOT a subscription service (Nik0 from the Warrior Forum is a liar).

Warrior Forum thread: http://www.warriorforum.com/search-engine-optimization/1007732-new-backlinks-how-long-full-seo-value.html

SEO Backlinks

This is a little payback, see if I can get ranked high for the SEO Backlink Service Review SERPs and cost him some business. Not exactly negative SEO per se since I’m being honest, but hopefully will send a message not to mess with my online reputation which is VERY important to me.

For those not familiar with the SEO power of backlinks, it used to be a case that backlinks were the be all and end all of SEO, within a few months with enough backlinks you could compete for competitive SERPs with a poor on-site SEO. It’s not like this today (2014), although back links are still the most important SEO factor, it takes significantly longer for a new backlink to pass significant SEO value (IME 9 – 12 months for full link benefit to pass) and Google also uses more factors for ranking (over 200 ranking factors).

Backlinks SEO Value

Backlinks in 2014: not as important as they used to be, but still the most important factor for ranking for competitive SERPs.

OK, let’s review the SEO Backlink Service domain.

SEO Backlink Services Review

Not going to review the SEO backlink service per se, I won’t be buying links from his PBN (private blog network), I’ll be reviewing the SEO Backlink Service domains SERPs. If his link service is so awesome at ranking for SERPs in days/weeks his link sales site should have a lot of competitive SEO SERPs (assume he uses his PBN on his own sites to rank).

Can also use this as an SEO training exercise, you can do what I do for free to check other sites SEO strategy.

First I did a site search in Google.


October 26th 2014 there’s 31 results.

This search gives a list of all webpages indexed on a domain and shows the title tags for all the pages indexed. We only have 31 webpages to analyze, so here’s the title tags from all listed (26 listed below):

Home Page
SEO Backlink Service –
SEO Backlink Service – Page 2 of 2 –

Case Studies Archives – SEO Backlink Service
Link building Archives – SEO Backlink Service
Onpage SEO Archives – SEO Backlink Service
Blackhat Archives – SEO Backlink Service
Whitehat Archives – SEO Backlink Service
Make Money Online Archives – SEO Backlink Service
Greyhat Archives – SEO Backlink Service

Your Free Amazon Guide to Build Sites the Right Way …
Affiliate Marketing – This is How the Pro’s Do it!
Advanced Link Building Strategies To Rank Laser Fast in …
Whitehat, Greyhat, Blackhat – The Differences
Amazon Income Report June 2014 – SEO Backlink Service
Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis
10 Reasons Infographics Work Awesomelly Well For Blogs
UPDATE: SAPE – Russian Link Network [CASE STUDY]
Dead Easy Way to Make Money With Amazon
Make Money Online – Follow My Journey to 7 Figures/Year
My Amazon Project – Mini Niche Sites – Case Study
I’m Feeling RUSHED – 4 Mini Case Studies!
Onpage SEO – A Simple Basic Guide – More Later!
301 Redirect From Irrelevant Expired High PR Domains
Panda 4.0 Update & Amazon Income Report May 2014
How To Leverage Guest Blogging For Maximum SEO
income-screenshot-amazon-week-2-april – SEO Backlink …

The part of the title tag ending “ – SEO Backlink Service” isn’t part of all the webpages title tags, Google will use the name of the site as the end of a title if there’s space (on my site SEO Dave is used). Though for the categories – SEO Backlink Service is part of the title tags: will be part of the theme or WordPress SEO plugin settings (another WordPress site running Yoast SEO!) to add the site name to categories.

From an on-site SEO perspective this is a poorly targeted SEO services website, there’s no niche targeting at all for backlink SERPs, only two webpages (home page archives) even use Backlink(s) as part of the title tags!

Backlinks SERPs Analysis

I wanted to analyze backlink SERPs, that’s the service he offers, so expected to find multiple articles targeting buy backlinks, buy text links etc… but they don’t exist! Strongly suggests Nik0 doesn’t understand how to create search engine optimized content, how to build a niched website.

Let’s analyze the home page Google SERPs.

SEO Backlink Service : 6th
Backlink Service : 8th
SEO Backlink : Not top 50
SEO Service : Not top 50

SEO Backlinks Services

Let’s check Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool to determine home much traffic these SERPs are worth.

SEO Backlink Service : 50 searches a month
Backlink Service : 110 searches a month
SEO Backlink : 880 searches a month
SEO Service : 6,600 searches a month

So the two higher traffic SERPs (more likely to have competition) the domain is no where to be seen. The two lower traffic SERPs (more likely to be low competition) the domain is top 10, but not really in the money.

These are not the highest traffic SERPs either.

SEO Backlinks Service : 70 searches a month
Backlink Services : 140 searches a month
SEO Backlinks : 2,400 searches a month
SEO Services : 33,100 searches a month

These SERPs aren’t specifically targeted and they hold significantly more traffic.

Unless a SERP has a lot of traffic the aim is top 3, being number 6 and number 8 for the two SERPs means a trickle of traffic, would be lucky to generate 2 visitors a day!

This isn’t a bad thing per se, the domain is relatively new (he started adding content in March 2014**), so these are the SEO results from 7 months of work.

** The domain was first registered in 2010, but was dropped in 2011, was re-registered and made available on SEDO (place to buy domains) in 2014. Though the domain was first indexed in 2010, because it was dropped it’s in effect a new domain this year. It’s not when a domain was registered that matters, it’s when content and links were added that counts and an expired domain has it’s backlinks reset. Otherwise I could argue what rubbish SERPs for a domain that’s over 4 years old, but that wouldn’t be fair/true.

Using a Private Blog Network for Backlinks

This is exactly what I’d expect to see at this point. Even if Nik0 has added hundreds of backlinks from his PBN to the site the day the first post went live in March 2014 (didn’t check backlinks) they won’t be passing full SEO benefit yet, if he has worked hard on backlinks and continues to add links, maybe early next year he’ll see the easier SERPs climb into the top 3 and the harder SERPs top 30.

Remember this is a backlink sales site, if Nik0 isn’t using his private blog network for backlinks (I’m assuming he has), ask why not? He’s selling links from his PBN to clients but doesn’t use the PBN on his own important SEO site!

You have to be VERY careful buying backlinks, if caught by Google the PBN selling links will be penalized and the domains where the bought links goes to will be penalized.

Selling Backlinks

If you are buying links I would strongly recommend NEVER using a link seller service like Nik0’s. I’ve sold links in the past and overtime Google penalizes the sites within the PBN, I got out of selling links to protect my network, just not worth the risk long term.

New Backlinks SEO Value

That’s how backlinks work in 2014, seems to take 9-12 months to pass serious SEO benefit. I’m in the same boat with this website, I started serious work here February 2014 (one month earlier than Nik0) and also struggling to target the harder home page SERPs like SEO Packages (not top 50), need more time for links to age.

Quick look at other SERPs from the articles, Checking Google for the part of the title tag that could be a potential search real users use, since these are some very long tail SERPs should be top 3 for many of these:

Your Free Amazon Guide to Build Sites : Not Top 10
Affiliate Marketing – This is How the Pro’s Do it! : Not Top 10
Advanced Link Building Strategies To Rank : Not Top 10
Whitehat, Greyhat, Blackhat : Not Top 10
Amazon Income Report 2014 : Not Top 10
Keyword Research & Competitor Analysis : Not Top 10
10 Reasons Infographics Work : 4th
Russian Link Network CASE STUDY : 1st
Easy Way to Make Money With Amazon : Not Top 10
Make Money Online – Follow My Journey : 4th
Amazon Mini Niche Sites : 1st (that’s not to bad, but the Google AdWords Research Tool says no searches a month :-()
Mini Case Studies : Not Top 10
Onpage SEO Basic Guide : Not Top 10
301 Redirect From Expired High PR Domains : 1st
Panda 4.0 Update & Amazon : 4th
How To Leverage Guest Blogging : 3rd

Consider these are all long tail keyword SERPs, these are not great results for such easy SERPs with barely any Google traffic (no one will search for “Russian Link Network CASE STUDY”), even for a site that’s under a year old.

I know why, the on-page SEO is rubbish, no idea how good Nik0 is at building backlinks, but his on-page SEO is atrociously bad.

Based on this his Advanced Link Building Strategies for Free sounds like SEO snake oil.

Advanced Link Building Strategies

Advanced link building outreach strategies made easy” LOL, he doesn’t even make top 10 for the phrase

“Advanced link building outreach strategies made easy”.

I’d be surprised if the site generated 200 organic search engine visitors a month, not exactly a glowing recommendation of his link building skills or how quickly they can generate Google SERPs.

Anyone that sells you a link service which suggests results from new backlinks in days, weeks or even a few months is talking SEO bullshit. If you are buying backlinks plan to pay for them for at least one year and since they seem to take a year to pass full SEO benefit it’s nuts to only pay for one year, you need them for YEARS (for ever).

Factor this into what you are willing to pay per link.

One of the reasons I stopped selling SEO services, really difficult to sell an SEO link building package after explaining you’ll need to pay for it for years to come and won’t see SERIOUS ROI for 12 months if ever: there are no SEO guarantees.

If I had no choice but to buy backlinks I’d contact websites in my niche direct and ask to trade/buy a link from them.

Don’t only limit yourself to just buying links, you might have something other businesses in your niche want, your direct competition could be your best friend online. You both want top 3 for your SERPs, there’s three spots and being one of those three by helping a competitor is better than both of you outside the top 10.

If Nik0 reads this and wants me to SEO analyze a different domain of his, I’m happy to oblige.


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