Comment on SEO Backlinks Services by LR.

SEO Backlinks Services Dave this article ROCKS! I LOVE your confrontational style. LOVE IT! PROVES you have confidence in your SEO ability. I am still reading the warrior forum post and am not done with it yet but so far I LOVE IT! This guy you are debating with said:

“You don’t offer SEO services, oh sure, that SEO tutorial is only to help people, uhuu, and none of these people that feel they received good help contact you to do some SEO work for them.”

Well you said yourself you are not accepting anymore SEO clients. You have CHOICE, your plate is already FULL. But if it is any consolation, I would hire you in a heartbeat if you did open the books. So far you are COMPLETELY SLAM DUNKING THIS CLOWN! I love it.

Dave you remind me of that old school “Grizzly Brears” guy who absolutely dominated the search engines back in the day and ranked NUMBER ONE for 2 days before he got ratted out with a page that literally had 3 words “making money online”.

Grizzly Brears would take on ANYONE ANYTIME ANYWHERE! And win. His blog posts were like THOUSANDS of words per post when he did write. One guy claimed Grizzly Brears didn’t put much effort into backlinks and just wrote thousands of sarcastic, confrontational, and educational posts and just “attracted” backlinks. Regardless all I know is I was INSPIRED to work hard and that is what you are doing here!

I seriously want Old School Seo to be improved upon (like you have done in this AWESOME Stallion Theme) and continue to work. I HATE SOCIAL MEDIA and “tweeting”. I wanna spend my time writing. (Wrong niche for that I know). But I love writing long posts.

Anyhow enough of my babbling. Bottom line is Dave WE LOVE YOUR POSTS and your CONTENT! PLEASE keep writing and writing and writing!!!