Recently wrote the Amazon Online Shop SEO Check guide and discussed home page SEO and how I think they could improve their Google traffic for SERPs like Online Shopping by having a title tag “ Online Shopping” and stated would be an interesting SEO test to target the Online Shopping SERP on this website which isn’t a shopping site.

Amazon Online Shopping

I don’t seriously expect to rank high for the online shopping SERP (will probably get useless low/no traffic SERPs like Online Shopping SEO), for starters this isn’t a shop which makes it impossible to silo SEO links: look at the left sidebar links, they are about SEO not shopping which will hurt this webpages shop SERPs and I’m contextually linking (links within content like the silo SEO link above) to other SEO articles which again damages the online shopping SEO targeting (I’m linking to off-topic webpages: off-topic to the shopping niche).

However, this is a really good SEO teaching exercise for those targeting shopping SERPs (any SERP really), just concentrate on the content that benefits shop, store, mall type SERPs and consider I wouldn’t have all the SEO links if this wasn’t an SEO test and if this was a shopping sites would have lots of links about shopping, buying, adding to cart… on the sidebar etc… maybe links with anchor text “Why Shop Online with Stallion” or “About the Shopping Mall” or “Shopping Cart” (you get the idea).

SEO Guide: The text in the first paragraph includes the main SERP we are targeting “Online Shopping” at least once (three times). I’ve also linked out to a relevant webpage with a derivative SERP “Online Shop”, this sort of contextual link near the top of the main content helps this webpage rank, doesn’t have to link to an exact match page, a derivative SERP is close enough (it all helps). Because the SEO package which you should purchase I use (Stallion Responsive: which I’m trying to sell you BTW, go buy it now) has the main content high in the HTML code the above text is some of the first content Google indexes and that’s important from an SEO perspective.

SEO Guide: Note how I’m trying to SEO the SEO package link anchor text by adding a shopping relevant keyword “purchase”: that page doesn’t target shop SERPs, but by adding shop relevant anchor text it helps this pages SERPs. Normally I’d link to relevant webpages on the same site using relevant anchor text (the keywords I’m trying to target), but I don’t have any other shopping articles to link to.

You can search your own site for the most relevant webpages using this Google search format: shopping

This Google search will find all webpages that include the keyword shopping, I didn’t have many that were were worth linking to.

Shopping Cart Integration

Only one page using shopping in the title tag, was to a comment as well Shopping Cart Integration: Stallion Responsive allows comments to be indexed, don’t shop around for an SEO package, go buy Stallion Responsive now: hope you are appreciating how much I’m pushing this to get the right keywords in the body text :-)

Online Shopping Sites

SEO Guide: Manually added a derivative SERP “Online Shopping Sites” (200,000 visitors a month) within the H2 header above. Stallion Responsive which you can buy by clicking the “Buy Now” button on the left sidebar (note the keyword BUY is related to shopping: buy, sell, shop, store etc… are keywords I’ll try to use in the text) also adds an H1 header (above main content) with the main SERP “Online Shopping” which is also the title tag and within the URL of this webpage

There’s a lot of Google traffic for SERPs related to online shopping, the online shopping phrase alone generates 1,000,000 monthly visitors according to Google Analytics Keyword Planer Tool, when I state monthly visitors it’s from the AdWords tool, it’s a nice guide to the amount of traffic potentially available (you won’t get it all even if number 1 in Google). Picture a decent share of one million visitors a month from one shopping SERP.

Online Shopping

SEO Guide: The image above has a filename including online-shopping.jpg. Google PageSpeed Insights Tool (it’s free) generates optimize image warnings under the mobile tab if an image is wider than 500px. My online-shopping.jpg screenshot is wider than 500px (over 1,000px wide), so to avoid Google generating an image warning used a smaller 500px image which links to the full image. This is built into WordPress/Stallion Responsive which automatically generates different sized images like online-shopping-500×286.jpg (500px wide by 286px height: the 500px wide image is a Stallion feature). We’ve also given the image an alt attribute (alt=”Online Shopping”) which adds SEO relevance to the image. Basically if the image is above 500px wide create a smaller image (500px wide or smaller) and link the large image to open when clicking the small image.

Online shopping is a highly competitive niche, the Google search shows the sites targeting online shopping, we have brands like:

Jabong Online Shopping India – Alexa rating 208th most popular website.
FlipCart The Online MegaStore – Alexa rating 96th most popular website.
Home Shop 18 Online Shopping Store in India – Alexa rating 1,563rd most popular website.
eBay India – Alexa rating 208th most popular website.
Myntra Online Shopping India – Alexa rating 377th most popular website.
Amazon India – Alexa rating 195th most popular website. – Alexa rating 9th most popular website.
Snapdeal Online Shopping India – Alexa rating 244th most popular website.
IndiaTimes Shopping – Alexa rating 102nd most popular website.
Shoppers Stop Online Shopping India – Alexa rating 10,890th most popular website.

Alexa ranks websites by popularity, it’s not accurate and can be easily manipulated, but it’s a useful rough guide to how popular a website is. Popular websites tend to be really hard to beat, they usually have a really strong off-site SEO strategy (lots of backlinks basically).

Online Shopping Sites

SEO Guide: Really interesting analyzing the above sites, looks like they are tending to copy each others SEO including SEO mistakes :-) Really funny considering I wrote Amazon SEO shopping online check to describe why NOT to copy your competition. I think they all use the keywords meta tag for example which doesn’t work, does look like they are copying one another, very interesting how rubbish the SEO of big brands are generally.

Look what I found when viewing source of SnapDeal online shops HTML.

SnapDeal Online Shop

Really cool finding ‘hidden’ messages in the code for those obsessed with code like I am :-) And we have another image to support or target relevant SERPs. Filename snapdeal-online-shop.jpg and alt text “SnapDeal Online Shop”. On-page SEO is really easy when you know how.

Online Shopping India

SEO Guide: Another major SERP targeted above via a H3 header including “Online Shopping India” with 74,000 monthly visitors. Below I’ll try to cover this SERP (note the next image, filename online-shopping-india.jpg and alt text “Online Shopping India”) and related SERPs whilst keeping in mind other relevant phrases.

I’m analyzing the shopping SERPs and websites as I write this article. Really interesting to see how many Indian shopping sites are listed in the top 10, I’d have never predicted this. I’m browsing Google in a Private Window (FireFox) so I’m not forced to a country specific Google (would be since I’m in the UK), so these are ‘clean’ results with no localization etc…

9 out of 10 of the online shopping sites found are from India! Only (8th) isn’t from India, WOW to Indian web stores and online malls. Interesting the 7th listing is (Amazon India) and note they are beating most likely because of keyword proximity, the phrase Online Shopping is the first phrase of their title tag whilst for the title starts “ Online Shopping …”, so the India shopping site is considered more relevant than the USA shopping site for the Online Shopping SERP (there’s more to it than this, but it helps).

Online Shopping India

Shop Online SERPS

If I were targeting a lot of shop, mall, web store types SERPs I wouldn’t target them all on one webpage. The Online Shopping India phrase is worthy of it’s own page for example, BUT take into account it can be a lot of off-page SEO work building backlinks for highly competitive SERPs like these, sometimes it makes sense to target multiple competitive SERPs on one webpage.

It’s why we see the over keyword stuffed title tags from the shop websites I listed above, they are trying to obtain every competitive SERP on their home pages (huge SEO mistake, spreading their SEO power too thinly). As an SEO looking through a competitive SERP like this and finding ALL the sites use the same over stuffed title tags is bizarre!

Jabong – Online Shopping India: Shop Shoes, Clothing, Bags, Watches Online in India

FlipCart – Online Shopping India – Shop Online for Books, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Watches & More at

Home Shop 18 – Online Shopping India – Shop Online for Mobiles, Cameras, Home & Kitchen, Appliances, Jewellery, Fashion, Health & Beauty & Books –

eBay India – Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Coupons and More Online Shopping | eBay

Myntra – Online Shopping India – Shop Online for Branded Shoes, Clothing & Accessories in India |

Amazon India – Online Shopping: Shop online for mobiles, laptops, cameras, books, watches, apparel, shoes and more – – Online Shopping for Electronics, Apparel, Computers, Books, DVDs & more

Snapdeal – Online Shopping India: Buy Mobiles, Laptops, Apparels, Shoes & more at

IndiaTimes Shopping – Online Shopping: Buy Mobiles, Electronics, Cameras, Computers, Apparels & Jewellery Online

Shoppers – Online Shopping India, Women Apparel, Men Clothing, Kids Wear | Shoppers Stop

From the 10 title tags we have 129 words, so each averages 13 keywords, that’s way too long. To put things into perspective, 5 keywords is a lot unless you are targeting long tail keyword SERPs (one long tail SERP per webpage).

Still a LOT I could discuss (you’ll just have to read the rest of my site for more SEO tips :-)), but I’ve wrote more than enough for my SEO test, so will wrap things up.

If this was a shop website I’d try to target webpages to keywords like these and attempt to inter link relevant pages together, silo SEO links on the side menu for example.

Keyword : Monthly Visitors

shopping : 550,000
online shopping sites : 201,000
shop : 201,000
shopping online : 110,000
online shop : 90,500
web store : 74,000
online shopping india : 74,000
shop online : 60,500
online shoping : 49,500
online mobile shopping : 40,500
online clothes shopping : 33,100
shopping sites : 33,100
clothes online : 33,100
shoping : 33,100
online shopping sites in india : 33,100

Some of these keywords overlap, shopping sites and online shopping sites for example. Some are misspellings like a missing p for shoping, if the traffic is worthwhile you can target a page to misspelling, but Google will show what it thinks you meant so th value is debatable.

Search for “online shoping” and Google will provide results for online shopping and a link to the misspelled search. So if you plan to target misspellings don’t expect the numbers listed above.


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