Comment on Online Shopping by SEO Dave.

Online Shopping The main online shopping SEO experiment article has some really good on-page SEO techniques incorporated in the content, but it lacks support from related webpages. Since Stallion Responsive is so versatile SEO wise adding some support via these comments :-)

Below is a list of some of the positive on-page SEO factors that would help any online shopping site generate SERPs.

Title tag = Online Shopping

H1 Header = Online Shopping
H2 Header = Online Shopping Sites
H3 Header = Online Shopping India
H3 Header = Shop Online SERPS

Anchor text = Amazon Online Shop SEO Check
Anchor text = SEO package which you should purchase
Anchor text = Shopping Cart Integration
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Anchor text = Online Shopping Sites

Alt Text = Amazon Online Shopping
Alt Text = Shopping Cart Integration
Alt Text = Online Shopping
Alt Text = Online Shopping Sites
Alt Text = SnapDeal Online Shop
Alt Text = Online Shopping India
Alt Text = Online Shopping SEO

This isn’t an extensive list of the SEO I’ve added to the main content to target the online shopping SERPs, not covered general body text, image filenames (same as alt text with hyphens like shopping-cart-integration.jpg), how this comment adds SEO to the main article (two new links with anchor text “SEO for Online Shopping Sites”…

You should see from the short list above how I’m attempting to optimize the WordPress post (it’s just a WordPress blog post) for relevant shop SERPs. This is on-page SEO 101 for beginners, it’s really easy to do with WordPress and Stallion Responsive.

Reading the above makes it sound like this webpage is fully search engine optimized, it isn’t, far from it. There’s a LOT of SEO damaging factors on this webpage which because this is a website about search engine optimization and making money online I can’t easily fix (I can fix it, but, not going to).

Note: this is SEO damaging factors to THIS webpage, not others and if I fixed these SEO factors for this one webpage it would damage the majority of the site (good SEO is all about compromises).