Update September 2016: No need to change the content below, still up to date, just adding the Make Money Fast article SEO advice links perfectly in to the relatively new Google RankBrain algorythm. RankBrain is part of the latest Google organic search engine algorithm, it’s Google’s latest attempt at AI (artificial intelligence), or to me more precise machine-learning AI (it’s not true AI).

To simplify, Google has an AI that can guesstimate what a user was actually searching for. Here’s a simple example, humans know a search for Make Cash Fast is the same as Make Money Fast, Make Dough Quick, Create Wonga Speedily etc… well so does Google.

Back to the make some wonga SEO lesson :-)

In this WordPress money making SEO lesson I’m going to teach how to target significantly more search engine traffic from one WordPress post using the Make Money Fast Google searches as an example.

Though this SEO guide is about how to target more SERPs on one webpage, I’ll be targeting this pages SEO at Make Money Fast keyword searches to illustrate exactly how to optimize a WordPress post for multiple related keyword phrases.

If you own a website with a lot of WordPress posts by converting your SEO approach to the one I describe below you could make a lot of extra money fast from increased search engine traffic. I’ve seen traffic over double using this advanced money making SEO technique.

I included reference to my main SERPs in the top content, basically using the main phrase at least once. The theme I use automatically adds a H1 header with whatever the title tag of this webpage is. This is basic SEO 101.

Make Money Fast with SEO

Above is a H2 header with a related SERP, H* headers add additional SEO value to the text. This is basic SEO 101.

Make Money Fast as a website niche has a nice chunk of Google traffic, according to the Google AdWords Research Tool the single phrase “make money fast” generates around 27,000 searches a month.

Make Money Fast

Above is an image filename make-money-fast.jpg and alt text “Make Money Fast”, adding additional SEO value to this webpage. This is basic SEO 101.

The top 6 make money fast phrases could generate up to 40,000 search engine visitors a month.

make money fast 27,100
make money online fast 8,100
fast ways to make money 4,400
making money fast 1,900
make fast money 1,900
fast way to make money 1,900

Unless you are only targeting really long tail keywords (long phrases, not a lot of traffic) you’ll find these sorts of figures through every website niche.

Here’s another related set of SERPs (Money Websites):

money making websites 4,400
how to earn money from website 1,000
make money from website 390
money making website 390
make money website 320
making money with a website 170

And another (Money Ways):

ways to make money 60,500
easy ways to make money 22,200
ways to make money online 22,200
quick ways to make money 14,800
ways to make extra money 9,900
ways to make money from home 9,900

If you were targeting the top traffic SERP Ways to Make Money (60K visitors a month) you could potentially over double the traffic by also targeting the keywords: Easy, Online, Quick, Extra and Home.

It’s surprising how few websites use this derivative SERP traffic targeting, with more search engine traffic a website tends to make more money online.

You’ll see why I’m listing 6 keyword phrases later.

Target Make Money Online Traffic

Above is an H3 header with a related SERP, I use multiple H3 headers this way. This is basic SEO 101.

With most WordPress setups you are limited to effectively targeting one main keyword phrase per post, the reason for this is you have no control over how internal links point to your WordPress posts other than manually linking to related money making webpages which is time consuming.

When I wrote this post I gave it a WordPress post title “Make Money Fast”.

Make Fast Money

Above is an image filename make-fast-money.jpg and alt text “Make Fast Money”, adding additional SEO value to this webpage. This is basic SEO 101.

If I ran this site using a basic WordPress theme (TwentyFourteen, Genesis, Thesis for example) all internal links anchor text would be “Make Money Fast”.

A best case scenario would be the anchor text of popular posts widgets, recent posts widgets, links from category archives, tag archives, home page archives would all use “Make Money Fast” as anchor text. That’s best case scenario, many themes will use “Continue Reading” or “Read More” for some links anchor text which adds no SEO value to the link! If your WordPress theme adds “Continue Reading” or “Read More” links it is NOT a WordPress SEO Theme. A real WordPress SEO expert would not develop or use a theme which doesn’t optimize internal anchor text.

Even if you used a WordPress SEO plugin like Yoast WordPress SEO or All In One SEO and set a title tag to say “Make Money Online Fast” all the internal links would still be using anchor text “Make Money Fast” (or “Read More”!).

None of the SEO plugins change the anchor text of internal links: I don’t know why the developers consider their plugins the best WordPress SEO plugins?

All the average WordPress theme can optimize for is at best one phrase per WordPress post. To optimize for multiple phrases would require manually adding internal links using different related phrases like fast ways to make money (possible, but time consuming). Or create multiple WordPress posts each targeting one SERP each, again possible, but why create 6 posts when one or two can achieve similar traffic targeting?

With our “Make Money Fast” SERPs with your average WordPress setup you are directly targeting one main SERP with 27,000 searches a month, that’s it.

Make Money SEO Package

Stallion Responsive is the only WordPress SEO Package that can target 6 phrases per WordPress post (now you know why I listed 6 keyword phrases).

With the 6 Make Money Fast SERPs listed earlier I have optimized this WordPress post to target them all, this post is targeting around 40,000 searches a month rather than 27,000. Obviously I still need to work on off-site SEO factors (backlinks: without links none of this will work) for these SERPs, but 95% of the on-site SEO is done after I click the Publish post button.

I wouldn’t normally target the first 6 phrases from a SERP set, but this is an example post to show how to achieve money making SEO changes and it’s an easy example to explain/follow. Normally I’d look for 6 related phrases, that sort of mean the same thing: this links in with the Google Hummingbird algorythm.

Fast = Quick.

I could have used any of these as well to significantly increase the traffic targeted:

how to make money fast 90,500
how to make fast money 9,900
how to earn money fast 14,800
how to make quick money 14,800
quick ways to make money 14,800
how to make money quick 4,400

Money = Cash

make quick cash 880
how to get cash quick 320

I’m sure you get the idea.

How to use your 6 keyword phrases?

Stallion Responsive uses the 6 keyphrases as the anchor text for internal links and for other important SEO factors.

This is achieved using a unique Stallion Responsive SEO feature which on every WordPress post edit screen 6 phrases can be added: one of the phrases is the default WordPress post title like you see with all themes, another is either the Yoast title tag or the All In One SEO title tag (Stallion will use Yoast plugin or the All In One SEO plugin title tag data format: you don’t need these plugins installed, Stallion uses the same format, but has it’s own options) and the remaining 4 are Stallion Responsive keyphrases (unique SEO feature to Stallion).

For this WordPress post they are set as follows:

WordPress Post Title: Make Fast Money
All In One SEO Title: Make Money Fast
Keyphrase 1: Make Money Online Fast
Keyphrase 2: Fast Ways to Make Money
Keyphrase 3: Making Money Fast
Keyphrase 4: Fast Way to Make Money

Make Money SEO Package

Above is an image filename make-money-seo.jpg and alt text “Make Money SEO Package”, adding additional SEO value to this webpage. This is basic SEO 101.

Automated Making Money SERP Targeting

Below I’m going to show how the 6 keyphrases are used within the Recent Posts widget (built using the Stallion SEO Posts widget).

First screenshot is from the home page.

Making Money Fast SERP

You can see the 1st link (to this webpage) uses anchor text “Making Money Fast” which is the “All In One SEO Title”.

Next screenshot is for the Make Money Online Category (the WordPress category this post is in).

Making Money Online Fast

You can see the 1st link (to this webpage) uses anchor text “Making Money Online Fast” which is “Keyphrase 1”.

Next screenshot is for this post Make Money From Public Domain Content which is also in the make money online category.

Fast Ways to Make Money

You can see the 1st link (to this webpage) uses anchor text “Fast Ways to Make Money” which is “Keyphrase 2”.

This is just one example of how the 6 keyphrases are used. If this webpage becomes popular and becomes listed in the Popular Posts widget other keyphrases will be used for those links.

Go to the Make Money Category and find this post and note the the anchor text of the two links back here.

Make Money Fast SEO

When this article generates large comments they will link back to this post from the Stallion SEO Super Comments pages, the Comment on link will use anchor text “Make Money Fast” (the All In One or Yoast SEO title tag).

After you’ve setup your 6 keyphrases and built your sites widgets etc… 95% of a WordPress posts on-site SEO is done. The remaining on-site SEO is manual, as you create new posts or edit old ones link to relevant posts contextually (within the body text). As I wrote this post I manually added related links (and some not so related) using the WordPress “Link” button like this Make Money with Clickbank link which includes the two important keywords “Make Money”.

Make Money with Clickbank

When I edit posts related to making money I’ll add contextual links to this webpage as well, so if I edit the Clickbank page I might link here contextually. This helps your on-site SEO, helps with my top 5 ranking for the “Make Money with Clickbank” SERP for example.

To actually gain these SERPs your next SEO task is generating related backlinks from other websites, now that’s the difficult part :-) At least you don’t have to think too much about the on-site SEO with Stallion allowing you to concentrate on off-site SEO factors.


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