Kontera Native Advertising is built into the Stallion Responsive Theme making adding Kontera ContentLink ads to WordPress easier than with a standard WordPress theme.

Signup for a Free Kontera Account.

Login to Kontera

Click the “Kontera Setup” tab.
Click “Create Tag” sub tab.

Select the website you want to add Kontera ads to, you need to submit all sites you want to run Kontera ads on, each domain has it’s own dc_PublisherID number.

Within the code box on the Kontera setup page you will see something like this:

var dc_PublisherID = 169700 ;

Copy the number (in this case “169700”).

Kontera Text Ads Code


Adding Kontera Native Advertising to WordPress

under your WordPress Dashboard go to “Stallion Theme” >> “In-Text Ad Options”

Paste this number into the “Kontera Publisher ID” box and tick the “Kontera Ads ON” tick box.

WordPress Kontera Ads

Click the “Save Settings” button and Kontera ads are setup.

Please note it can take time for the Kontera ads to show up on a site, so don’t panic if it takes a day or two before you see the ads.

Kontera ContentLink Zone Tags

The Stallion Responsive Theme includes the Kontera code (Kontera ContentLink Zone Tags) that tells Kontera which parts of the pages should/shouldn’t show the in text ads. Basically we want the Kontera text ads to load within body text, but we don’t really want it in the header, sidebar (widgets) or footer area as it doesn’t looks very professional.

After Stallion Kontera setup, you’ll find the Kontera text ads will only load within text content (Stallion designates the content as a Kontera ContentLink Zone Tag area), so it won’t make a mess of your header, sidebar or footer area.

Kontera WordPress Widget

For non Stallion theme users who want a quick way to add Kontera ads to a WordPress theme that lacks Stallion’s built in Kontera ads and don’t want to hack theme code. Try adding the entire Kontera ContentLink code (the code from your Kontera account under the “Kontera Setup” tab) into a WordPress Text Widget.

Go to “Appearance” >> “Widgets” and drag and drop a Text widget to any widget area and copy and paste the Kontera ContentLink code into the Text widget.

Kontera WordPress Widget

It’s not the most elegant solution to adding what is javascript code to WordPress, but it works. Since the vast majority of WordPress themes lack the Kontera ContentLink Zone tags this solution will mean the Kontera text ads will be page wide, they will replace text within the header, sidebars and footer areas so won’t be as professional looking as using Stallion Responsive.

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