WordPress SEO Tutorial updated August 2014

I wrote an SEO Tutorial some years ago (before using WP), the older search engine optimization tutorial is still very relevant as I’ve kept it up to date (updated 2014), but like the rest of the world I moved on and now use WordPress as an SEO CMS.

I no longer offer SEO services to clients, make my living from a network of sites running WordPress and this new SEO guide will concentrate on WordPress users like me.

WordPress SEO Guide

The WordPress SEO guide will still be very useful to non WordPress users, but there’s going to be a lot of highly WordPress specific search engine optimization tips and reference to the WordPress SEO Package Stallion Responsive I develop: some of the SEO training will only work for Stallion Responsive users.

So yes I’m trying to sell you my WordPress SEO package, but not by misleading you with SEO Bullshit, everything you read here can be verified from other sources.

WordPress SEO

Best WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress SEO Tutorial 2014Many (possible most?) WP users believe any WordPress theme (Thesis or Genesis for example) with an SEO plugin like Yoast WordPress SEO or All in One SEO (two of the most popular plugins) is all they need to achieve maximum search engine rankings.

I’m afraid you can not get maximum SEO from WordPress just by using a few WordPress SEO Plugins that changes the title tags and adds a few meta tags with a nice looking theme, you must use an entire WordPress SEO package like Stallion Responsive or have decent HTML/CSS/PHP skills to build your own.

I’m that confident no one will create an SEO package as good as Stallion Responsive I’ve offered $5,000 to the first person who matches all of the SEO theme package features plus one more SEO feature: no one will claim it, my theme is way too advanced SEO wise to even match, let alone better.

SEO ChickenI’m calling other WordPress SEO theme and WordPress SEO plugin developers out to prove their SEO packages are better than Stallion Responsive from an SEO perspective.

Pick up the gauntlet and explain how you can build a better search engine optimized site on WordPress using Yoast, All In One SEO, Thesis, Genesis… any theme/plugin/custom code combination and take my money. Users of other SEO themes and SEO plugins ask the developer how their SEO package is better than Stallion Responsive and ask them why they haven’t claimed the $5,000?

Tell you what, if any of the big SEO theme/plugin developers take up the challenge and prove their package is better, for them I’ll make it $10,000 to make it worth their while.

Also writing a Yoast WordPress SEO Tutorial section to the site since there are so many WordPress SEO Yoast users.

Out the Box WordPress SEO

Although WordPress out the box with almost any WP theme is better than your average website from an SEO perspective, WordPress is clearly NOT designed by SEO experts for maximum search engine results, it’s good SEO wise, but it’s not awesome: just look at how core WordPress uses rel=”nofollow” that we’ve known for years deletes valuable PageRank/link benefit.

Yes, WP out the box deletes your valuable link benefit (you work hard to generate backlinks and WordPress wastes a lot of it!) and not one of the popular WordPress SEO plugins or themes deals with the rel=”nofollow” problem, in fact in many cases they make it much worse by adding more nofollow links and noindex and nofollow robots meta tags in a vain attempt to sculpt PageRank through a site!

WordPress SEO Fact: What’s a rel=”nofollow” link?

If you do NOT want a text link (or image link) to pass link benefit/PageRank (PR) to the page linked to you add a rel=”nofollow” attribute that looks like this:
<a href="http://domain.com/" rel="nofollow">Anchor Text</a>

The corresponding do follow link (do follow means the absence of rel=”nofollow”) looks like this:
<a href="http://domain.com/">Anchor Text</a>

WordPress SEO Nofollow

Unfortunately Google deletes the valuable link benefit that would have passed through the text link, so every nofollow link from a page still consumes your valuable PageRank that would have gone (if the nofollow link didn’t exist) to your do follow links. A simple example, imagine a page with 10 links and 5 are dofollow and 5 are nofollow. The 5 dofollow links consume 50% of the PageRank, the nofollow links delete 50% of the PageRank. Remove the 5 nofollow links and the 5 dofollow links consume all the PageRank and pass twice as much link benefit.

WordPress SEO Tip Check for Nofollow Links
If you currently run one of the popular WordPress SEO Themes and/or SEO plugins mentioned above, go to http://linkcounter.submitexpress.com (Quick SEO Tip: note how I’ve NOT turned this into a clickable link, if you don’t want a link to pass PR add it as plain text, this will work with any WP theme) and enter your sites pages, try the home page, a category, a post, a post with comments etc… and see how many PR deleting rel=”nofollow” links you have.

Note the tool isn’t 100% accurate, doesn’t count internal nofollow links (these still delete PageRank) and struggles with some link formats, for an accurate count use a browser addon (Firefox and Chrome has some good nofollow finding addons) or view source and count them. Try these URLs to see how much damage so called SEO themes and plugins are doing or to be more precise not preventing (the rel=”nofollow” added to comment links are added by WordPress core).

https://yoast.com/opinion-on-sliders/ – developers of the Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin, runs with the Yoast SEO plugin and the Genesis theme framework (kills two birds with one stone, shows Yoast WordPress SEO plugin and Genesis themes do not remove rel=”nofollow” links SEO damage): Feb 2014 over 60 nofollow links (the tool above doesn’t find them all, think it’s due to the onclick javascript code), that’s around 1/3rd of the link benefit deleted!

BTW The post on WordPress sliders is an interesting read. From an SEO perspective be very careful using sliders as the Yoast article argues they are generally not a good idea, even more so with Google taking page speed metrics into account: sliders tend to use a lot of javascript and large images which are not good for performance metrics, even the slider built into Stallion Responsive (I’ve taken SEO into account unlike most theme sliders) should be used with care (personally I don’t use it).

http://semperfiwebdesign.com/blog/all-in-one-seo-pack/all-in-one-seo-pack-pro-version-2-1-released-today/ – developers of the All In One SEO Pack Plugin: Feb 2014 around 60 nofollow links, that’s around 1/3rd of link benefit deleted!

http://diythemes.com/thesis/version-21/ – developers of the Thesis theme: Feb 2014 almost half the link benefit is deleted by the Thesis theme because it doesn’t remove nofollow!

Check any page of this site, you won’t find any rel=”nofollow” links.

On most WordPress sites NOT running WordPress SEO Plugins it’s posts with comments that have most nofollow links, though if you check the pages above you’ll find there are nofollow links added to Twitter and Facebook links that were probably added by the site owners rather than WordPress core. If you have a post with 20 comments it could be deleting the SEO link benefit of 40 links! Add to this what the popular WP SEO plugins could add if the plugin users don’t understand nofollow/noindex and you could be deleting over half your valuable link benefit from a page!

Don’t forget to run this site through the nofollow link tool, you won’t find nofollow links here.

WordPress SEO Plugins

I’ve developed a couple of WordPress SEO plugins, although they are also part of the premium SEO theme I sell on this site these are free stand alone SEO plugins.

Stallion WordPress SEO Plugin is a replacement feature for those using the SEO damaging nofollow and noindex features of plugins like Yoast WordPress SEO and and All In One SEO. All the plugin does is give an option to not index parts of a site without wasting link benefit/PR (doesn’t do title tags).

WordPress SEO Comments Plugin converts your comments into Google SEO entry points to your site. I use the blog SEO comments feature on this site and it’s resulted in over 1,500 additional pages being indexed, to see it in action view the comments below and look to the links from the bottom right hand corner of the larger comments.

The above are just two of dozens of SEO features built into the Stallion Responsive WordPress SEO Theme Package.

Stallion Responsive SEO Theme

WordPress SEO ThemeWant to get ahead of the SEO game, use the Stallion Responsive theme, it includes the very best SEO template optimization code possible, even if you didn’t have a clue what SEO was when you wrote your content, the themes code will help a LOT with search engine rankings, for example it can remove all the rel=”nofollow” links added by WordPress conserving your valuable link benefit for ranking your important content.

That being said there is also a lot more you can do to improve the optimization of your blogs content and understanding WordPress SEO in 2014 is well worth time learning. Since the Google Hummingbird algorithm it’s even more important to use the Stallion Responsive keyword phrases available on the edit Post screen so your internal links anchor text are not all identical.

If you don’t understand how Google sees the importance of a posts title tag, you won’t write the best post titles. If you don’t understand Hummingbird SEO you won’t know to vary the anchor text of links.

Beginner SEO TutorialLets cover the technical details first, please note some of the information described in this SEO Tutorial will sound like you need a computer programming degree to perform if you’ve never attempted similar before.

My wife is a bit of a technophobe, she just doesn’t get it fast! So I’ve learnt to explain computer terminology in a VERY detailed way that almost anyone can follow (I have to write little computer tutorials for my wife :)). Be patient and I’m sure even the least confident WordPress user will be able to get this working just as I do on my search engine optimized blogs.

If you do get a little stuck feel free to post a comment and I’ll try to help out with more SEO tips and tricks.

David Law

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