Comment on WOW Power leveling Guide by SEO Dave.

World of Warcraft Screenshot at level 59 Some people are so cynical!

Why would I post a 17 day played time on a private server when almost anyone can get to level 70 in that time on the paid server?

It’s because I was playing the game of World of Warcraft not just mindlessly leveling. Had you read my original review of the guide you’d know the following this is my only level 70 character (still is BTW got bored leveling for the test I mention above). I love playing a shadow priest and last week we (raiding guild I’m in) met the last boss in Black Temple :-)

Currently raiding Black Temple (8/9) and Mount Hygel (5/5) 5 days a week. Looking forward to seriously trying the Sunwell (went the first day, got to 1st boss but didn’t kill it).

I was level 30 odd before using the Joana Horde leveling guide, this meant I’d wasted loads of time leveling the hard way. I have given a level example that took me 6 and a half hour which I think is about half an hr slower than Joane’s does that level**. This shows although I’m not as fast as a power leveler I’d get a good time using the guide. Basically if it takes a power lever 7 days to level, going to take me 8 days.

** Note recent patches has made leveling 20-60 far easier, so my times are based on pre version 2.0 leveling times). The Horde leveling guide has been updated, (the new quests added etc…) but I’ve not used it recently.

I spent a long time (and I do mean a LONG time) competing in the 3hr arena (Gurubashi arena) near Booty Bay for the arena trinket (still got it in the bank).

You have to win the chest 10 times to gain that trinket and that can take weeks to do. Each time I’d travel to the arena and compete it would take at least 30 minutes away from leveling, more if after the Alliance stuck around to fight. Add to this I helped others get their trinkets you can see why I took so long to reach level 70 (I was in no rush).

To think I’d post a 17 days played time on a private server is just dumb!