Comment on WOW Power leveling Guide by SEO Dave.

World of Warcraft Screenshot at level 59 My main character is a shadow priest and I had the same problem that most players assume Priest = Healer!

I still get it now and I have 1000 shadow damage! I’ll get random whispers asking if I want to do an instance and they always assume I’m going to heal. Errr, nope I’ve healed maybe 5 times in a group since hitting level 70, I do DPS only unless it’s an emergency and I have to drop out of shadow form to backup heal while the group recovers from the loss of a healer or something (we can’t heal an entire 10 min Kara boss fight, we run out of mana after half a dozen heals!).

My advice if you don’t enjoying doing instances as a healer is skip them until you reach level 70. I can count the number of instances I did after using the leveling guide (started level 30 something) because it’s much quicker to level by not doing instances than it is doing them.

When I reached level 70 I found shadow priests to be in high demand on my server for raiding and so almost always had a raid spot in Kara for example (went to Kara within a week of reaching level 70). Doing 25-man raids now and we are just as important.

Your main role in a raid group is to create mana for your group by causing as much shadow damage as possible whilst maintaining vampiric touch. the healing from vampiric embrace is a bonus, but if your healers are good it shouldn’t be needed.