Comment on World of Warcraft leveling Guide by SEO Dave.

Mists of Pandaria Leveling Your mage point about leveling is valid, but easily solved.

While leveling at the beginning grind a little extra so when you should be level 10 at a particular time your at level 12, this will compensate for the pet you don’t have. Keeping at least one level higher than the recommended level for each area shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you play the game for fun (instances, odd bit of grinding for mats).

You know as a Mage you also have an advantage, frost/slow thing you do. I’ve seen low level mages (never played one) take on half a dozen mobs with no problems at all, basically kiting them around on slow motion mode :-) So I doubt a Mage would have problems keeping up with the levelling guide.

The guide doesn’t put you in many situations where you need to be an imba player to survive, when it does there’s normally a video to explain how he did it as a hunter and you can always skip those quests. So 95%+ can be used by an average WOW player. I used the guide to level my Troll Priest and they don’t exactly have many advantages until they get shadowform (level 40+).

Received an email from Joanna that he plans to update the guide to take new changes (faster leveling to 60) as soon as he can. His past updates tend to be very fast.

He plans to do a new speed run as well since the current ones will no longer be valid.

BTW I think it’s levels 20-60 that will be faster, but not 100% sure?


Level 70 Raiding Shadow Priest with my first T5 item (shoulders that look cool).