Comment on World of Warcraft leveling Guide by Tim.

Mists of Pandaria Leveling Hi, I have several characters above 60 at this time and have been lvling them for the last 2 years. I am an officer in my guild on Blackhand Realm. I spend a lot of time helping my guildies, and running instances, so Grinding was never an option, but spent a lot of time learning the quests with my guild. As you can imagine, with toons on Horde and Alliance Factions it can be rather difficult to remember all the quests and where they can be found.

So I ordered this guide and have enjoyed using it, Currently I’m working with my girlfriend and teaching her to play WoW. This guide has ben an immense help for those that really would like to play the game, yet really dont know anything about it.

Some Examples: You can get into Stone talon mountains and get to Sunrock Retreat, get the quests in the area and head out and attempt to do them. I let my girlfriend try that solo.. I gave her the WoW World Atlas, and the WoW strategy Guide initially. She was completely lost after 5 minutes. I handed her joana’s and wow it made a difference.

I would say this guide is a good thing, especially for the new players who are cautious about games in general. I know many people who i mention WoW to and they are negative about it, because it is a “Game”. Yet I show it to them, let them try it and show them how to play using the guide and some of them buy their own accounts.

This Guide is a tool, thats all it is, not something that should be ridiculed, and noone should be insulted for using it. I have 18 toons over 6 servers and I use it, not only for myself but to help others. I normally wouldnt write about something like a ebook, or on any WoW forum for that matter, but i was looking around and noticed this review and its comments and felt I would like to speak.

Everyone should enjoy the game, and Grats on 70 those who made it and to those who will attain it soon!