Comment on World of Warcraft leveling Guide by John.

Mists of Pandaria Leveling hi just wanted to say that i enjoyed your review, as well as all of your points regarding areas of improvement (I have the alliance version from Brian Kopp) – especially the fact that the creators should try a different class rather than just a hunter (or a warlock for that matter) in any future updates.

This is the most important fact to me because i decided to try this guide with my priest, and a few of the quests on each map are simply not soloable without a pet and class-specific skills or a partner – hence you would have to replace the xp lost from these quests with either more grinding or dungeons. another fact however is that i had already leveled a mage and a rogue to 70 prior to the introduction of his guide, but done also through quests and not one time do i remember grinding – though i did supplement dungeon excursions throughout. this is because i used a few minutes each time beforehand to look up relevant and available quests on sites like wowhead and thottbot. it may not have been as efficient, but i found my total played time from 1-70 to be ~12 days – not too much of a difference to their records of