Comment on World of Warcraft leveling Guide by Meh.

Mists of Pandaria Leveling I had no problems reading the guide (1-60) while playing in a window and turning off “auto-hide” on my taskbar. I did have other problems however.

Quests items with random drops. In Tanaris, for example, the Laden Dew Gland for “The Thirsty Goblin” quest dropped on the first kill for me. This item here can drop on the first kill or anywhere past your 100th. If I wasn’t strictly following Joana’s guide I would have thought myself lucky, but when I was supposed to move on to the next zone I was many bars of XP behind the level I was supposed to be. It seems that “Joana” assumed I would’ve been rather unlucky on the Thirsty Goblin quest.

This happened many times after. At level 52 I was desperate not to have to grind the last few empty bars, so I went into AV to do the quests in there and still couldn’t make up for the missing XP.

As a prot pally, it was/is a horrible experience to grind as it takes forever to kill a single mob. I can’t AoE grind 5 mobs anytime I feel like, either, because I play on a PvP server and… lets just say I hate rogues.

Who knows though, maybe all of you were “luckier” than I was. As for me; I’m determined to make use of what I paid for.

TL;DR : Too many assumptions (e.g “You should be level XX, by now, If not, grind it”). Long story short — I did lots of grinding.