Comment on World of Warcraft leveling Guide by SEO Dave.

Mists of Pandaria Leveling I feel like such a looser and a sucker now I’m working my way through Kara earlier than the people who fumble around in the dark leveling by grinding!!

Tell me would you rather spend your time stuck at level 30 or something and always find it hard to find good groups or be at level 70 and working on better gear so you can raid places like Kara successfully in a good group?

Now I’m level 70 and in a good guild (Ferocious Kittens on the Hellfire realm) for me it’s become even more social since we are using tools like Ventrilo (Vent allows you to hear/speak to members of your group) that you can’t really use when leveling (unless all members of a group are from your guild, have Vent installed etc….).

Now if I’d have leveled the hard way I might still not be level 70 (I see people I did groups with still way below level 70) and so wouldn’t be spending most of my time raiding Kara.

BTW I experienced more content due to the leveling guide, since I knew exactly where to go to find all the quests. I will admit leveling this way I avoided instances, but I’m making up for that now except with very good groups rather than the crap you tend to get in a random group whilst leveling.