Comment on World of Warcraft leveling Guide by WoW Losers.

Mists of Pandaria Leveling Does anyone else find it extremely lame of people to go out, purchase a computer game, play for 20 minutes, decide “this is too difficult for me, how can I make it really easy and level fast so that everyone will think I’m cool”.

I prefer, after spending my hard earned coin on a game, to experience and discover all the content myself. WOW isn’t supposed to be a race to lvl 60 or now 70 and soon to be 80. It is supposed to be a social game. How much content do you think you missed rushing through? I bet it’s a lot.

So, not only did you waste the money you initially laid out on the game, but you also wasted the cash you spent on a guide that you don’t really need. Suckers.