Comment on World of Warcraft leveling Guide by SEO Dave.

Mists of Pandaria Leveling Another quick leveling update.

Not been play WOW as much this week (too much real life work to do :-)). Even so my time on World of Warcraft using the leveling guide through the Outlands has sped me to level 66 with ease.

For those not familiar with level 60-70 leveling:

The Burning Crusade areas of World of Warcraft are different leveling wise-

1. It takes a LOT more experience to level from 60-61 than it did to level from 59-60. If I recall correctly 59-60 took ~300K XP and level 60-61 a massive ~600K XP. I wouldn’t want to grind 600K XP!

2. Completing quests give more XP. Prior to the Outlands most quests gave less than 5K XP, in the Outlands most quests give more than 10K XP. So quests are essential to leveling quickly.

This means it takes longer to go through a level, but because of the increased XP from quests knowing how to follow quests efficiently is even more important than ever!

I think without Joana’s ebook I’d be stuck with boring grinding and probably be around level 62-63!

Doing so well at leveling that I had to change guilds to be able to end game instances and raiding. I liked my old guild, but other than Bainshie level 65 (also following the leveling guide) there was no one from the guild in the same Outlands area with us (all 5 or more levels below us).

Basically we out leveled them :-(

We’ve both joined the guild Ferocious Kittens which has many level 60-70 members and have started doing raids and dungeons with them :-)