The Stallion Responsive Video Tutorials are at the bottom of the content, this WordPress Post is also demonstrating a Stallion Responsive 8.1+ WordPress Page Template (WordPress Page Templates allow webmasters to have more control over content) that includes a widget area directly below the main text content. You could in principle add a widget area (where you can add WordPress widgets) to almost any area of a webpage, with most WordPress themes there’s a handful of widget areas, with Stallion Responsive v8.0 there are 23 widget area and this could double for version 8.1: the only real limit is not confusing users with too many widget areas.

Currently testing the concept, plan to make multiple WordPress Page Templates that use different widget areas that do different things, could for example have a Page Template with a widget area at the top of the content and another at the bottom or two widget areas splitting the content in two.

The widget area is only used by this Stallion Responsive Page Template which means only WordPress Pages and Posts using this custom page template will show whatever is added to the Widget Area.

WordPress Video Tutorials

On this post I’ve added the “Stallion YouTube RSS Widget” which grabs the YouTube videos from whatever YouTube Feed you add to the form, I’m using my YouTube channels RSS Feed: (deleted) which is mostly WordPress Video Tutorials and a few personal videos.

WordPress Video Tutorials

Suppose I’ll have to stop adding personal videos or create a new channel for personal videos.

WordPress YouTube RSS Feed WidgetThe “Stallion YouTube RSS Widget” includes Widget title, video width in px (I set to 640), video height in px (I set to 300) and number of YouTube videos to load (I set to 5).

I could add multiple widgets to the content of this post, but I’m using it for a Stallion Responsive Video Tutorial section that automatically shows my latest 5 YouTube videos.

The astute among you will realize this limits the custom WordPress Page Template to creating only one post (like this one) since every WordPress post/page that uses this page template will include the YouTube videos below. That’s true IF Stallion Responsive didn’t include a Display Widget feature (turned on under “Stallion Theme” >> “Layout Options” : “Widget Display ON”) where you can set under “Appearance” >> “Widgets” which Pages/Posts a particular widget will be shown on.

By simply adding this WordPress Posts ID (which is 2170) to the Widgets Display options (see screenshot) I can set the videos below ONLY to load on this one post even if I use the WordPress Page Template dozens of times.

Stallion Responsive WordPress Video Tutorials

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