Comment on WordPress Widgets Tutorial by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Widget Try adding pre /pre (with the > signs) tags around the code you want to show, should come through then. Like this.

code here

I took a look at your site and I only see a login link (wp-login.php, will be the Site Admin link when logged in) which you’d still expect to see after removing the register link code.

If you don’t want the login link either, remove the login link code as well (remove the entire meta code if you like and remember to type wp-login.php after your domain name to login).

Regarding widgets I strongly advise learning how to use them (very easy). You could then remove the meta code completely without having to ever edit your code. The only major issue for you as someone who edits the Talian theme is you might have to create some custom widgets for the stuff you’ve added to the sidebars. Rather than the sidebar files holding the code it’s in the function.php file when you use widgets.

I customize the themes all the time for specific sites, which makes updating a site a pain in the ass! In Talian version 4 I’ve made adding custom widgets much easier to make my life easier when updating 50+ WordPress installations.

Instead of editing the functions.php file (where you would put a widget and a lot of other code) I’ve added an extra file custom-widgets.php which holds only custom widgets. By using this file when Talian is updated it won’t remove custom sidebar coding since it will be in a separate file.

David Law