Comment on WordPress Widgets Tutorial by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Widget The code didn’t come through, but if you are using widgets for your menu (most people do now) the sidebar files are not where the code you need to edit is.

Assuming you are using widgets edit functions.php, look for-

<?php wp_registerseo(); ?>

And delete it.

That’s my SEO version of the register link which in Talian version 3 is nofollow. In Talian version 4 (which I hope to release this month) it’s a post form which should help with the automated spam bots that signup to WordPress blogs via register links showing. Since it’s a post form they shouldn’t find it anymore.

For pasting code snippets on a page using the code tag like this:

code here

Is meant to work, but it fails a lot of the time. For the above PHP code I used pre tags:

code here

to surround the PHP code and it seems to work better, pre will add spaces sometimes like there was no space before the ? in the code above.

David Law