Comment on WordPress Widgets Tutorial by Clayton.

WordPress SEO Widget Greetings David.

One more question on the Talian WordPress template.
When I add a widget from the widget list, I look at my site and it adds the widget to the sidebar but removes everything else (categories, pages etc)
This happened in the past before the 2.7.1 update as well. Before I was just testing so it did not matter if I couldn’t use the widgets but now I want to add a RSS image and text that links up with my feedburner feeds page.

Oh, there was one more thing, In the theme editor I removed code so archives would not show in my left sidebar but the archives still show only on my homepage. When I click a category or page the archives do not show on the sidebar.
I think it is possible that I messed around too much and may have to reload the last template update to get back some default code and then try removing the archives from that point. I really want to get rid of the archives links as per your SEO advice.

Hope you can help.