Comment on WordPress Widgets Tutorial by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Widget Combined your two comments into one as they appear to be the same issue.

The dragging and dropping of WordPress widgets and WordPress custom nav menu items use javascript, so it’s most likely a javascript issue.

Stallion Responsive doesn’t modify the WordPress widget or nav menu javascript code, so unlikely to be a Stallion issue.

Possible causes are browser issue: try a different browser.

Conflicting plugin: disable plugins one by one and check if it works.

Other things to try are reboot your PC.

If you can’t fix it you could “Enable accessibility mode” which doesn’t use javascript.

Under “Appearance” >> “Widgets” on the top right click “Screen Options” and if it says “Enable accessibility mode”, click it and it will say “Disable accessibility mode” and widgets can be edited another way.

If the above doesn’t help search Google for

WordPress Drag and Drop Widget not Working

There’s loads of WordPress users with the same issue, maybe one of the support answers will fix your issue.