Comment on WordPress Widgets Tutorial by SEO Dave.

WordPress SEO Widget I started writing a comment, but it developed into an article so added it at WordPress Features – A WordPress Plugin or A WordPress Theme?.

The webpage linked above is where Stallion Responsive will be supported, have to build a new site as the features have changed so much between the Stallion SEO Theme 7.* and Stallion Responsive Theme 8.0. Have to create all new theme tutorials etc… for Stallion Responsive :-(

So there’s no real difference between installing Q2W3 Fixed Widget (Sticky Widget) WordPress Plugin and if I added the code to Stallion or created code from scratch to achieve the same result. If the plugin is built well it’s no better than if it’s part of a theme.

The question then is, is it a well built plugin (or theme code) and that takes testing I’m afraid. Always a good idea to read the WordPress support forums about a plugin you plan to use, see if there’s any known issues that might put you off using it. I was looking at the WordPress SEO plugin : SEO Ultimate the other day and it had around 90 PHP error notices, not real PHP errors (not actually broken), when you see lots of error notices the code isn’t coded using best practices which means I wouldn’t use it (poorly coded).